News Release: Sizzle Up Sales for Summer with Funnel Foreplay

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May 17, 2016

Sizzle Up Sales for Summer with Funnel Foreplay: 
Holistic Fashionista Launches Playbook in LA

LOS ANGELES, CA – MAY 17, 2016 – Holistic Fashionista, a business academy and magazine for women looking to create a purposeful and profitable career that changes the world, and its innovative alpha femme fatale creatrix CEO Angel Quintana has launched her newest digital revenue tool for the modern entrepreneur: Funnel Foreplay.

Funnel Foreplay made its debut in Los Angeles on April 30 with cocktails and a soiree among Holistic Fashionista’s most innovative solopreneur set. Quintana’s book is a collective matrix of the combined wisdom she gained from running her e-commerce driven multi-platform enterprise, Holistic Fashionista. Her business acumen and radical approach to SEO marketing, digital branding, harnessing the ROI on originality in creative internet marketing and leveraging the potential of online networking into e-commerce revenue streams earned Quintana a feature LA Magazine’s “Most Interesting People in LA” in January 2016.

“Funnel Foreplay is about foundation of making money on the internet for those with dreams of an online Empire,” says Quintana. “Every day there is a new generation of a rising creative class of entrepreneurs who are harnessing every vehicle to monetize the Internet as a conduit to earning a very comfortable living.  Funnel Foreplay outlines a map for such people to utilize e-commerce tools like an architect to hook-up fast with their ideal audience and most importantly, convert contact to cash from the encounter.”

Anyone can make money online in a year. It can be as simple as signing up for an affiliate link on Amazon and sharing it on social media hoping a click from a random follower or viewer will turn into a purchase. There are peddlers of get rich quick schemes on every corner of cyberspace or in seminar workshops throughout the world. Quintana wrote Funnel Foreplay for the small business owner who is astute enough to call foul on the world wild web of over-hyped promises, questionable affiliate marketing protocols, and misleading sales copy and replacing it with personal branding, email engagement, attractive advertising campaigns, and solution-focused products that provide holistic results.

“This is the #1 resource for expansion. If you’re not ready, not serious, or not interested in reaching new markets and raising your game to be more innovative than the rest, a real expert in your product or service-based industry, don’t buy Funnel Foreplay.”

Funnel Foreplay is indeed content rich. It replaces the overhyped strategies of inflated promises, questionable affiliate marketing protocols, and misleading sales copy and instead offers strategies on personal branding, email engagement that boosts the bottom line, cultivating attractive advertising campaigns, and offering real solution-focused products that provide actual holistic results. 

“The litmus test of any business book are results that can be measured,” explains Quintana. “Funnel Foreplay will get you action on increasing your sales revenue.  It works. It’s the real deal for the genuine entrepreneur. Dabblers don’t bother with this system. Funnel Foreplay only works with consistent action. I can teach you tactics but motivation and drive is your job and yours alone. Are you ready or not?”

If the answer is yes, get a copy of Funnel Foreplay now on For autographed copies, please contact the Holistic Fashionista office at

About Holistic Fashionista (
Founded by Angel Quintana in 2010, Holistic Fashionista is the home of the business trendsetter. We are a business academy and magazine for women looking to create a purposeful and profitable career that changes the world.

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality business training and philanthropy to build holistic leaders of tomorrow who offer products and services that provide holistic solutions.

Through our Higher Calling School of Business, our clients gain powerful tools to discovering their life’s work by discovering their Signature System® and becoming a Business Trendsetter. Upon graduation, our clients receive The Philanthropic Brand Certification of completion and seal displaying their promise to provide holistic solutions in your products and services.

Our interactive magazine is monthly publication displaying our Club Member’s expertise, products and services, and a place to showcase our passion to share our currently insights and offerings on topics varying from holistic living to internet marketing.

With mainstream products and mass-marketing crowding our grocery stores, flooding our news feeds, and interrupting our lives with advertisements that promote products that nearly provide quick-fixes, Holistic Fashionista’s mission is to provide a designer platform to showcase holistic brands that are changing the world.

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