Putting Your Plans Into Action in 3 Steps!

Putting Your Plans Into Action in 3 Steps!

Putting Your Plans Into Action in 3 Steps!


Article by Darlene Dunn
Photo Credit: Hailley Howard
Magazine: Issue #29

You have been in ‘planning’ mode for what seems like forever. You are ready- ready to move. So what do you do----you ROCK-it!!!

Realize it is up to you :: Take that step of faith. Put the foot on the gas and engage. You have your ideas, your plan, you have everything you need, just flip the switch! Find an accountability partner to help you keep moving.

Open your computer :: If you are not fully engaged on Google +, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook- now is the time to spruce up your profile and start building excitement  over your brand! Need some help, check out some awesome courses that are offered at HolisticFashionista.com. Check out- “How to use Pinterest to get in front of a 6-figure audience.

Count your blessings :: And then count your money!! Stay positive and stay engaged and the money will come.

Keep your vision in front of you, adjust as necessary but stay excited and stay moving. It is a-ok to make a mistake, most successful business owners have made and learned from more than a few. 

Go ahead, you have it in you. Stop sitting there wondering if now is time, stop sitting there thinking –‘I need to get it just right’. Stop sitting and ROCK-it!!!!

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