Zodiac: A Sense of Understanding and Empowerment


Article by Cinthia Singleton
Photo Credit: Hailley Howard
Magazine: Issue #29

Zodiac: A Sense of Understanding and Empowerment

Zodiac: A Sense of Understanding and Empowerment

There it is. Right there in the newspaper or your favorite magazine. And even if they never seem to come true or be accurate… you read it…

So why do you read them again and again, even when they don’t seem to pertain to your life? Because when they do, they’re eerily right on. Also, they are, no denying it, fun. Wanna know the trick to gleaning more from them? Come close… closer… *author whispers for only the reader to hear:*

Read the horoscope for your sun AND rising signs! 

Sun is the astrological sign under which we are born. Reading the horoscope for it gives us an idea how we follow our life’s map. Sun is, after all, our soul plan and inner self. The Rising sign, though, - otherwise known as Ascendent, the sign rising in the East when we were born - gives us perhaps a better interpretation of trends, obstacles and possibilities ahead. It’s our outward self, the one that reacts with the world.  

So if the horoscope in the newspaper says, “The [ full moon, mercury retrograde, solar eclipse, mars is entering your ___ house ]” and you’re only reading the sun sign horoscope, you’re getting a fuzzy snapshot of what’s going on with you.  It’s no fault of the astrologer and their skills but the limitations inherent in  the “mass-crafted” horoscope - they simply aren’t written for each of us personally but for ALL as if 1 :: everyone is born at 0 degrees into their sun sign and 2 :: our sun and rising signs are the same sign. It’s called a Solar Chart.

1| Get a personal chart cast at astro.com. It’s free. All you have to do is input your date, place and time of birth as recorded by Vital Records
2| Find your rising (or ASC or Ascendent)

Now start reading the horoscopes for your rising sign ALONG WITH your sun sign’s horoscope. Blend the two horoscopes together. Use the rising sign one to get a sense of timing and the more short-term movement. The sun’s for the big picture and for pursuing your loftier goals. 

The best astrology gives us a sense of understanding and empowerment. When it resonates, we are better equipped to see possibilities where we didn’t before as well as the obstacles the lie ahead. Miss out on that, you maybe miss out on having another tool in the arsenal of preparation and self-awareness. Personalize the mass-crafted horoscopes and maybe get a little more out of that out of them.

Chance favors the prepared mind.
—Louis Pasteur

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