3 Keys to Sculpting a Professional Brand with Sex Appeal


Article by Lauryn Doll
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Sculpting a Professional Brand with Sex Appeal

Sculpting a Professional Brand with Sex Appeal

Branding is an invaluable aspect of your intellectual capital. A strong brand is like a lighthouse on the harbor; it stands tall and still, casting out its light to attract your ideal clients to you. Professional brand development with sex appeal is my passion. 

If you’ve been driving yourself crazy trying to reconcile sexiness and professionalism, this is for you. You’re only frustrated because you don’t understand there’s no either/or to the equation. You don’t need to sacrifice one to have the other. Simply align your brand in a manner that naturally accommodates both.


1| Know what you stand for.

When you know what you stand for, your vision is laser-sharp. You need that sharpness to capture a unique eye for what will make your business and your brand stand out. As they say, if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything. You know what’s even worse, though? Not standing for anything at all, and then being labeled mediocre because nobody knows what you’re about and writes you off as a result.

2| Determine your aesthetic.

Brands have a clearly defined look to them. What’s yours? Do you sparkle with a logotype and simple colors? Or are you using a breadth of fiery colors, striking fonts and a highly sophisticated mandala-type of logo?

At the very least, determine your brand’s aesthetic. You don’t need to run out and create your entire brand look in a day; that’s completely unnecessary unless you’ve already done the work. Instead, create a mood board for yourself. Your mood board is the same kind of mood board professional graphic designers and creatives use when they’re fashioning designs for brands, products and even packaging.

3| Own your Sexiness.

This is pretty straightforward. You can’t have sex appeal without owning your sexiness, right? Nevertheless, there are so many women who are business owners or professionals who struggle with the concept of owning their sex appeal. They want to have these polished, professional, posh brands that ooze with sensuality, but they themselves struggle with owning their sensuality.

Don’t be that girl. Your sensuality and sexuality are part of who you are. You’re born with it, and owning it doesn’t mean anything more than having confidence in your God-given birthright to experience the pleasures of your sexiness through various filters, including as a vehicle for attraction in your business.

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Lauryn Doll

Lauryn Doll is the Bombshell Brand strategist and copywriter. She’s intensely focused on helping professional brands develop a sensual and feminine edge for a deliberate dose of sex appeal that provides tease without sleaze. Catch her at Lauryn Doll.

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