Secrets of the Most Polished and Powerful Brands in Demand


Polished and Powerful Brands in Demand

Polished and Powerful Brands in Demand

Article by Sherry Mirshahi-Totten
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

You’re ready for that next big milestone in your business whether that’s (finally) writing a book, speaking on bigger stages, serving wider audiences, or just getting more publicity.  In other words, you’re ready to become a true Brand in Demand.  Brands in Demand in all industries have one thing in common:  they are packaged as influencers who know and follow the right branding principles that get them visibility.  Learn the top secrets of  three of the best influencers below.


Here’s what Beyonce does so well:  she knows how to capture the mind and heart of her audience.  She released a documentary where she candidly discusses her miscarriage, her love for music and even her marriage.  She keeps an active page on the social media site, Tumblr, where she shares private family pictures.  She creates songs that are empowering and moving.  She aligns herself with other powerful people (including the President himself and Oprah).  She knows how to capture her audience through her words and actions.

Kim Kardashian

No matter what you think of Kim or her decisions, one thing is certain: She is very clear on her personal brand and lives it consistently.  She’s known for her flawless makeup so she discusses products she loves during interviews and she shares makeup tips. She started her own makeup line (along with her sisters). She knows that many see her as attractive so she wears clothing that accentuates her body.  She takes sexy pictures of herself and shares them freely on social media. 

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Oprah knew early on what she believed in and got involved in initiatives that reflected those values. She believes in education so she started her own book club and she created a leadership academy for girls in South Africa. She believes in giving back so she had an Angel Network that encouraged charitable actions and she consistently gives to multiple charities. She believes in spirituality and shows it by partnering with Deepak Chopra for 21-day meditation challenges.  Her magazine also has articles on spiritual topics.  

Each of these celebrities demonstrates some of the key principles of being an influencer.  Now it’s up to you to use these secrets in your own business so you too can be known as a polished Brand in Demand!

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Sherry Mirshahi-Totten

Sherry Mirshahi-Totten is an award-winning brand strategist, speaker, best-selling author and Huffington Post blogger. She packages entrepreneurs for business milestones that lead to major visibility (what she calls their “next big break.”) Her clients expand their business presence, have landed speaking engagements and media attention, launched successful programs, and fast-tracked their profitability. Sherry’s programs show entrepreneurs how to become influential Brands in Demand and you can learn more at Make Your Brand In Demand.

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