Self Love Practices for Sexual & Reproductive Health


Article by Naomi Love

Self Love Practices for Sexual & Reproductive Health

Self Love Practices for Sexual & Reproductive Health

It is time, my sisters, my lovelies, to bring presence to sex, to connect the womb to the heart, to deepen our awareness and connection to our center. It is time to honor ourselves, to honor our cycles and our bodies.

Let’s talk about the Womb, the uterus and sex.

She is a hollow, suspensory, detoxification organ located in the center of a woman’s body. If the Womb isn’t in the optimal position, she and other related systems of flow won’t get the nourishment they need to be in their full Divine expression as organs and as collaborative systems. This and other contributing factors, such as the way a woman internalizes her life, as well as the physical, emotional, spiritual experiences she has, all play a part in sexual health. A displaced Womb can create lack of blood flow in and through the pelvis which can cause a cold Womb, which means the Womb can’t dance, contract and expand as easily as when she is warm and supple.

Womb placement affects our physical health as well as our emotional and spiritual senses as well. When the Womb isn’t in optimal position there can be a sense of isolation, sadness and disconnection. A few symptoms associated with a cold, displaced Womb include PMS, pelvic pain, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, PCOS, severe cramping and pain in intercourse. She can also suffer from a lack of sensation during sex, be anorgasmic, suffer from ovulatory pain, miscarriages, depression, feeling ungrounded and unsupported.

On an energetic-spiritual level, the Womb is a woman’s center – she is our place of creativity and connection to the earth and to our ancestral lineage. She holds our wounds, our past sexual experiences, and as a hollow organ she often becomes the storage center of our deepest fears and shame, thus creating emotional armoring, This armoring tends to produce a sense of disconnection to self, dissociative patterns, numbness, and difficulty staying present during sexual experiences.

Womb massage, and other self care practices, including vaginal steams, support healing, warming and de-armoring of the sex. Steaming the yoni works because the yoni, the pelvis and the anus are directly accessible to the plant medicines and oils as the steam dances over and infuses into the tissue. Each steam blend has its own magic and intention for healing, warming the pelvis, and stimulating movement, awareness and presence. The medicine of the steam (plants and water) is fully received into the body, warming the cold Womb and making space for the reconnection of heart and Womb, Womb and heart.

Other supportive Self Love practices include breast massage & yoni moon bathing. The breasts are the gateway to connect heart and womb.


Yoni moon bathing is a wonderful way to support healing the sex. Set up a private spot under the moonlight with your legs open to receive the moon’s energy, sip the lunar energy up into your sex and invite the moon energy to dance within you, to nourish you.

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