Spreading Your Message Like Wildfire


Spreading Your Message Like Wildfire

Spreading Your Message Like Wildfire

Article by Denita Austin
Photo Credit: Brigette Muller
Magazine: Issue #21

Allow your Inner Expression of Creativity to shine & spread like Wildfire. 

When we are super passionate about something, we want to tell the world. We want to place it on a blimp in the sky for everyone to see it. It is so easy to get discourage during your journey if you feel as though your message isn’t being heard or even understood.

I know your heart is yearning to act on your mission, spread your message, and inspire other people to take action. 

Here are a few ideas on spreading your message: 

1.  Team up with others who share your vision. Ask for help with endorsing your message through social media and other outlets that maybe helpful. It will make it so much easier to team up. You will be able to have more creative items added to your vision and message. I always say two heads are better than 1.

2.  Post quotes or create an inspiring blog. A message that will be able to help others is key. When you are able to motivate and inspire others in your own unique way, your message is bound to spread. Your blog or quotes can very well be intriguing to others just by having a powerful message. I strongly believe in creating your own style and flair. This will allow you to stand out from the rest to really prove to yourself and others that your heart only beats for the passion behind your message. 

3.  Be your unique self.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself with delivering your message to the world. It is super important to be authentic and genuine. Never step outside the genuine box with your delivery. I can’t stress how important this step is. Honesty is everything and this 7 letter word must be included with your delivery. 


4.  Last but not least! Be Consistent.  If you are super serious and passionate about this one thing, stick to it and allow your message to flourish. If your message isn’t consistent, you will confuse others. Stick to what you are passionate about. You can't have consistency without improving your willpower. Consistency requires willpower to achieve anything.

Think about what your message is about and what you are trying to convey. There is nothing greater than having a powerful message that transforms lives and resonates with your soul. Allow it to bloom and spread like wildfire across the world. This will happen naturally as you continue to create a supportive team, post quotes, create an inspiring blog, be honest and true to who you are, and being consistent.

Sending Love & Light to you through spreading your inspiring message to the world!

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