The Key to Your Ultimate Success & Happiness


Article by Natalie Forest
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Ultimate Success and Happiness

Ultimate Success and Happiness

Success and Happiness -- that is what we aim for, what we dream of, what we work for every day. Yet, in all reality for most of us that often seems highly elusive, even though we work hard for it.

You may have tried a variety of options offered to live your ultimate success, your happiness and some may have worked for a while, you began to move forward a bit and then: a plateau or worse: the downward slide. Why does that happen if you put all your effort into it? 

The missing piece is the key to how you can really live YOUR ultimate success and happiness. The key to your questions of “how can I get there” and “how much longer will take” or even “Will I ever get there” is summarized in one word: patterns.

Yes, your patterns are the key to your life. There is a “Hidden Power of Patterns” ™ that we often neglect to consider and most of all; there are subconscious patterns that we are usually not consciously aware of. How often have your heard that someone “pushed his buttons”? That is a prime example for the programmed actions to a statement or action. This programmed action is what the statement means by “pushing someone’s buttons.” We don’t have to think about it but there is an immediate, subconscious action, the buttons are reacting to the input or the program is executed because the correct buttons have been pushed. Sometimes we realize this later when we reflect or even right after but: it’s too late. 

Therefore, all it takes for us is to address our patterns! Find the good, the bad, and the ugly and address them accordingly. Of course, this can be easy but honestly – you need a little help with that as you are not necessarily objective when it comes to you –most of us are hypercritical. Find a supporter, a coach or mentor who is objective and allow help to come to you.

Then you can fully work on the patterns and move forwards to YOUR ultimate success and happiness.

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Natalie Forest, Ph.D. is a teacher & servant. As a speaker, bestselling author, eTV host, former radio host, executive coach, and mentor Natalie is here to work with you to revolutionize YOUR potential by liberating your life from “The Hidden Power of Patterns” so you can live your Ultimate Success.  She offers a program that teaches you the necessary skills to do increase your productivity, your profitability, thus YOUR success and happiness. Check out the Revolutionize: Adventure Camp.

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