Tribal Knowledge: A Language for New Business Opportunities


Article by John Scardina

Tribal Knowledge: A Language for New Business Opportunities

Tribal Knowledge: A Language for New Business Opportunities

If you own a Holistic business or just provide Holistic, Spiritual, or Metaphysical services, you need more than a business background. In these niche markets you need so much more. Holistic customers are searching for and almost demanding a product or service that goes deeper and has more meaning than any other type of business. Being a bit intuitive and or learning more of this practice, can prove helpful to know and connect to your customer or client. Reading a person prior to a business connection will allow you to gain trust easier. This can be as simple as watching body language, listening to tones of voice during conversation, these being all lower levels of intuition, but a great way to start. Working on having that intuitive energy daily in business is a must.

Lets now speak about Tribal knowledge, this is not something that you learn alone, or is it something you learn in school or lecture. This is the knowledge that you only find by networking with those just like you, those who have been there, those who have put in the time, and those who are comfortable within their business and their energy. You know the term, “Your Vibe attracts your Tribe”, the moment when you have found your people and it just falls together like Magick. Within this tribe environment we learn things that are not taught in books, but that of unwritten experience. This experience is almost like being introduced to another language with a deeper more meaningful connection to you and your business.

Having always been a practitioner of magick, divination and energy manipulation I walked a path blindly thinking that I really knew everything I needed to know about the direction about my path and business. This was really not the case until I found my tribe, creating a circle of perfect love and perfect trust with like minded people. Those who don’t want to take away from you, those who want to share and enhance a business atmosphere that benefits all within the tribe. Tribal knowledge, that sharing of ideas, events, and lessons that you will not find in a book, but that of a special language only found in the tribe. As now I further connect and learn this new language, I now view my path and business with a new-found love of the human experience, a brotherhood/sisterhood of knowledge never before found.

Learning this new language has opened new opportunities for me and my business just about daily. Get out there today and find your people, your tribe, this journey need not be a solo one, once you find your tribe.

Tribal knowledge

“A set of unwritten rules or information known by a group of individuals within an organization but not common to others that contributes significantly to overall quality.”

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