5 Secrets to Turning Mistake Into Profit


Article by Marlo Wright
Photo Credit: Rose Jane
Magazine: Issue #19

Turning Mistake Into Profit!

Turning Mistake Into Profit!

Why is it some people seem unaffected and others just can’t get good footing in business? Here are Five Small Secrets to help you move beyond the insurmountable events giving your profit friction!

5| Admission - Admitting a mistake is HUGE in moving forward and finding the solution! I think we all know someone who’s too cowardly to stand up and take the blame — then shake our head in embarrassment for them. A profit making, business person can accept responsibility.

4| Negative Talk! - When you’ve discovered the mistake, don’t beat yourself up too long about it! What good does it do but keep you in a negative space? Change your speech to “I made this mistake. I accept responsibility. Now I embrace the correction needed to move forward. The right thoughts are coming to me. I have what I need to move past this mistake.”

3| Act Accordingly! - Once your mouth is in alignment, the body will follow. Actions necessary to correct the mistake will start to happen and you will see results! Remember, sometimes the mistake is a small dingy and other times it’s the size of the Titanic — It’s important to BE PATIENT with yourself during the process and the process itself.

2| Be Thankful - It (the mistake) could have slipped passed you entirely, but at whatever point you caught it, you did! Now, it’s time to unleash your praise and thanks for catching it when you did! Releasing this positive energy into the atmosphere will come back to you! You will attract positivity to continue moving forward!

1| Do Your Best! Your best is all you need. But doing your best means being honest with yourself! Are you really giving this your all? How can you give more? What specifically should be done?


Remember, no one is perfect, but we can maintain a high level of integrity and standards for ourselves in which we decide to operate.

Mistakes are the same as college experience — something you have to pay for and that’s invaluable to your long term success! When you make a mistake, whether it’s an oopsy, boo-boo, or a full fledge “IT hit the fan” the best part is the worst part is generally over. It is also an indicator you discovered a way of NOT doing something and in that philosophy you are in the company of some pretty brilliant minds.

Do the research and search the internet for Business Owner failures. You’ll quickly discover the flubs, many great businessmen and women have made and the most important part — Their Comeback!

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