Unleash Your Full Power Through Forgiveness - Part 2


Article by Arrameia Auraire Araiss



2. In relation to ourselves

When we are resentful towards ourselves it can manifest in two ways. Based on my psychic perception and experience from working with over a thousand people as an energy healer, I see it in following ways:

One, is disowning those parts of ourselves that we are in opposition with, and therefore pushing away from us. This can be perceived as a partial self fragmentation. Imagine taking a piece of yourself and your field that you are somewhat resentful towards and holding it away from yourself with a heavy stick at all times, pretending it’s not yours and not wanting to have anything to do with it. Imagine this would be happening in your energy field at all times … exhausting right?

By disowning parts of ourselves we are also disowning our full power and creating extra tension in our outer reality.

With this disowning pattern usually comes another layer of resentment, caused by the mirror effect this attracts from the outside. Let me explain. The particular expression of our self or shadow self we don’t like and are unwilling to see, love and accept, is most likely showing up in behaviours of our loved ones. They can be mirroring this aspect of ourselves to us very strongly, so we can see it, heal it, transform it, reclaim it and finally integrate it back into our energy field. You know the moments somebody is triggering you AF? Those ones.

Second, is when we infuse our resentment with a self punishment vibe or even self blame and self hatred. This can cause our outer energy field to separate, flip the wrong way and turn towards and against us. All of this energy is then pressing on our field, making us feel heavy, tense and uneasy within our physical body. This further creates a negative vortex that is pulling events, people and circumstances of a similar vibration to us.

Potentially making us feel like we have all the reasons to continue to self blame and to be punished or very likely we experience situations that do feel like punishment. Again, these are mirroring the energy movements, belief systems and thoughts currently occurring in our inner landscape.

When our mind causes fragments of our energy field to turn against us, auto immune diseases and cancer can be created. This twisting of our field can block our ability to use our full power, to shine our light and to manifest our desired reality.

When we hold on to a lot of hatred, resentments, grudges, regrets and unprocessed emotions, it can cause various diseases to occur. Dis-ease then comes as a messenger to tell us it’s time to process and let go of all of this inner toxicity.

The good news is, when we release these emotions we instantly create a new space that can be filled with love and light. Our full power returns, our vibration rises significantly and so does our success, abundance, energy, health and happiness! :-)

Sounds worth it right?

So how do you do the forgiveness process ?

If you want to go deeper I suggest you carve out a little time and create a sacred, safe space for this process.

You can do this in your minds eye or through writing and then burning it. If you like to dance, you can move as you are releasing… If you like to sing, vocalise it … or you can do this process with the assistance of an energy healer like myself. Whatever works for you babe.

1. Create a safe space for yourself and switch off your phone. Be well hydrated for an easy flow of energy.

2. Focus on your breathing, meditate in a way you are familiar with and/or call on your angelic team ( beings of highest vibration that love you unconditionally ).

3. Think about who you want to forgive ( others and yourself too!) Take it one person at a time, then repeat.

4. Through breathing, spoken or written words, movement, sounds or just mental observation, start releasing the energy. You can visualise white light above and all around you that is dissolving all the old energy.

5. If it doesn’t want to leave, ask yourself what are the lessons that you want to learn from it? Or how is it serving you to hold on to it? Perhaps a feeling of safety or worrying it will happen again? Remember you can forgive, without forgetting :-) Forgiveness itself will protect you.

6. Identify, acknowledge and embrace the lessons, mark them as complete.

7. Thank the person for providing the training ground to teach you these lessons.

8. Let the heavy energy dissolve in white light, claim back your energy and ask for the unhealthy chords between you and the person be cut in the highest and best way.

9. When you are forgiving yourself let the formerly disowned parts of yourself be cleansed in the white light and then integrated back into your field with love.

10. Allow your newly reclaimed energy to integrate with love and acceptance. Fill all of the open space in your field with love and light.

11. Stay in gratitude and enjoy your wonderful life.

It might sound like a chore ( a lot of us sometimes tend to avoid doing this work ), but trust me, it will be soo sooo worth it! You will feel much lighter, renewed and instantly happier!! Success and abundance will follow shortly.

Remember, you matter, and the world needs you and your unique soul light at it’s best!

By the way, I’ve heard somewhere that after forgiving you can jump higher, so for an extra fun element you can measure how high you can jump before and after.

Here’s to fierce forgiving and joyful jumping!!!

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