Reclaiming your Body as a Sacred Temple


Article by Amber J. Boswell



Our bodies are our one true soul mate. They are the most loyal companions we will ever have. We are born together, we live our whole lives together, we die together. You may have a gypsy soul, but truth is your body is your main residence during this life’s experience. Therefore, in order to have the optimal life experience it is imperative that your soul’s home, your body, be honored for the sacred being that it is.

Most people do not understand that they are not their bodies. They are a spirit who was given a body. Our bodies are their own living breathing beings. Each body has its own individual story. Just like you have a life story whose storyline includes where you were born, the family you were born into, what schools you went to, who your first kiss was, your first love, etc.

Your body also has its own individual story, there has been both beautiful and traumatic experiences your body has gone through during the writing of life’s journey.

Also, because your body is the most loyal being in your life when something emotionally or mentally traumatic happens to you. Your body will often store that memory in itself for you to alleviate the mental and emotional burden, at least for a period of time.

You must learn how to worship at the feet of your own divinity; see your body as the Goddess Temple it is. For it is in honoring your personal Holy Trinity of Mind, Body, and Soul that you will be able to create the life you truly desire and are destined to lead.

The average human body is made up of approximately 37 trillion cells. The energetic body is said to have up to 9 systems if not more depending on who you ask. This leaves a lot of room for storing things. Subconscious patterns will develop and begin to play out in every area of your life. Eventually if things are not dealt with on a Holistic parts of that Holy Trinity will eventually express themselves physically. This can be in the form of weight gain, weight loss, pain, and dis-ease.

Out of approximately 7 billion people on this planet there is only one YOU, only one person with your physical features, your fingerprints, your scent, that is right you have your own perfume, how cool is that?.

Not only do you have your own unique set of scientific DNA, you also have Divine DNA. Based upon your life experiences, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors both sets of DNA will be expressed by your body.

The physiology of your body is determined by both your physical and energetic bodies. While mitochondrial DNA can be analyzed in a lab, your Divine DNA handed down directly from Source, Universe, God, Goddess or whatever term you identify with as the source of life. Both effect and even shape who you are.

The good news is you can rewrite your body’s story at anytime which usually leads to transforming your life all together.

However, you will first have to face the things you have stored in your body. Some of these things may be so horrendous you do not want to even think about looking at or feeling them. Most of us have experienced some sort of trauma in our lives, most of us have been sexually violated, and while I wish I could use the term “some of us” in truth, most of us have been raped.

If you haven’t experienced the heavy burden of trauma, thank the Goddess, but chances are if you are or ever have experienced any type of illness and/or DIS-EASE in your life there are things you have suppressed.

I invite you to explore your relationship with your body further. Is she speaking to you? Do you know how to listen? Do you nourish her with healthy foods and healthy relationships? If not, why? What is the story you have made up about your body? Do you see her as sacred or a burden?

Do you allow or deny her pleasure? Do you shame her?

Again, your body is your one true soul mate. She is the actual mate to your soul as your soul occupies her from birth until death. Talk about death do you part? You were given this sacred vessel as a gift. It may not always feel as if that is the case, but as someone who has overcome a myriad of illnesses, including some life threatening ones, I can tell you there is ALWAYS a message, a lesson, an invitation to heal the things you are avoiding.

Throughout the next moon cycle, New to Full Moon, I invite you to take a deep journey into your Holy Trinity. A pilgrimage into your Goddess Temple.

Explore yourself with wonder and awe like you would a Sacred Site.

Be enamored and in awe of the ruins. Feel into the ancient wisdom stored within your blood and bones for your bloodline is ancient, your soul infinite.

I suggest having a journal dedicated to documenting your journey. Start on the New Moon by writing your intention, what do you desire to understand more about yourself, to heal, to alchemize? Then write out your current body’s story.

Is that story true?

How is the narrative around your body, your perceived imperfections, pain, lack of beauty, too thin, too thick. Sexy or undesirable? Loved, unloved, healthy, unhealthy, young, old? Get really real and raw with yourself.

Start to take notice how it is physically showing up in your physiology and how it is limiting you in other parts of your life.

As the Moon Waxes write rewrite your story, start honoring yourself as the Sacred Beautiful Being you are. Practice Self Love, Self Care, Self Acceptance, and the Biggie SELF FORGIVENESS.

Cultivate the strength of your lineage, of your Divine DNA and face the trauma acknowledging that even though it was painful, it is part of what shaped you. Reframe the shame associated with it, thank it for serving its purpose.

On the Full Moon burn your old story, and then, under the light of Grandmother Moon who has watched over our Earth for billions of years, allow her to witness you RECLAIM your body as Sacred, as HOLY, as Sovereign. AWAKEN, QUEEN, to the BEAUTY of who you really are.

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