Weight Loss Rituals For Women Who Can't Get Motivated to Work Out

(Who Can't Get Motivated to Work Out)

Article by Stefanie Dawn

Weight Loss Rituals for Women Who Can't Get Motivated to Work Out

Weight Loss Rituals for Women Who Can't Get Motivated to Work Out

One of the biggest gaps I have found being in the weight loss and fitness industry for over 7 years is the missing connection between the the spiritual and physical bodies. The yogi’s have found the connection, but what about those of us who are striving for weight loss and changing of our body composition?

I mean, how do we find the motivation and strength to get up at 5am and push our bodies physically to achieve the lasting results we yearn for? 

You can look online and find countless quotes about getting your “mind right” and having “will power” but none of these mind/body connections can truly happen or have lasting results without first powering up those spiritual and energetic centers to provide a solid foundation on which long term lifestyle changes can exist. 

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In almost all situations in my life, I have been able to find solutions to my problems through my spiritual practice... 

- I've been able to attract large amounts of money when i needed it

- I've had a very rich and exciting dating life

- I've placed top 5 in fitness competitions and I was even named a top Instagram fitness account to follow -  but for the life of me I just couldn't find a permanent solution to maintaining my health and fitness goals.

I found I was always pushing for a certain result or time based goal and when it was reached i was left with an empty tank and felt like I was always swimming against a current to keep those results and habits.

This is something I had secretly been dealing with for years and I was exhausted! I had tried a bunch of different products, programs and challenges and I was looking for all this outside help until one day in meditation I realized that i was missing a crucial link - I was using all sorts of magical principles in all other areas of my life, but never considered using them to super charge my health and fitness regime.

Could that really be the solution to my sustainable weight loss woes? Was the power really within me all along?

I decided that it was up to me to fine tune the missing spiritual link between myself and my weight loss issues and I quickly got to work rummaging through my herb pantry, dusting off my crystal bible, consulting my tarot cards and researching what types of magic I could conjure up to help me get back on the wagon, for good!

I knew if that i could find peace in prayer, create successful rituals of self love after a break up or whip up a quick money draw spell than I could surely create something to get my ass back into the gym on a Monday morning and keep that momentum going. 

What I discovered went above and beyond my morning workout routine, it completely changed my life.

Not only by sticking to my new “fit rituals” did I start to see a shift in my desire and energy but it also opened up the doorways to a closer connection with the divine, more developed spiritual gifts and a renewed sense of purpose - and can I add that my body is morphing into something i had only seen in my dreams?!

The best part? It’s become almost effortless.

I’ve found fitness and exercise influenced rituals are important aspects to add to our busy lives and spiritual practice because they help give us structure and a time to focus our intentions on what many of us can give negative energy or an indifferent approach to.

Even without intentionally doing it, we often can complain, grumble, or talk negatively towards getting to the gym, or getting up early for a challenging workout routine.

We talk ourselves out of it before we even do it, or we totally write it off as something that we are capable of achieving. 

If you can create rituals and results for all other areas of your life, than you can absolutely do the same for your health, fitness and physical well being. 

The word abracadabra literally translates into “I create what I speak” and those words create powerful energetic vibrations into the universe, even when it comes to your fitness regime. 

Add in the right herbs, crystals and other magical tools and you can really “juice up” your intentions, power through your workouts, conjure up magnetic positive energy and bring out your inner bad ass babe who just won’t sleep on the opportunity to jump out of bed and work towards the very best version of herself. 

Close your eyes and picture the woman your are becoming in the physical. Your subconscious mind will show you what you are already capable of. Believe it, tap into it, open your eyes, and go out and get it. 

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