What It Means to Have a Happy Relationship With Money


Article by Jentana Lee Dabbs



Did you know your money could be unhappy with you?

Seriously, how you treat your money influences how it flows! In the book "Happy Money" by Ken Honda, a woman at a conference asked to look at his money. After carefully examining each dollar bill, she said "good job" as she nicely tucked his money back in his wallet. Confused, Ken asked what she was looking for and, she replied, “oh, I was checking to see whether or not your money was smiling!”

She went on to explain that money can laugh or cry depending, on how it was given or received. If the money is given out of guilt, anger, or sadness, the money will be "crying.” In contrast, if the money is given out of love, gratitude, or happiness, the money will be smiling, even laughing, because it will be imbued with the positive energy of the giver.

Is Your Possessiveness Making Money Unhappy?

In the book “Money Is Love” By Barbara Wilder, says that money is energy, and energy is limitless. Only our fear and our limited way of thinking make money seem scarce.

This understanding got me thinking… This scarcity belief about money can cause you to have a possessive relationship with money, thus making your money as unhappy as someone in a possessive, controlling relationship.

Do you get anxiety when you have to pay bills each month? Do you feel nauseas when you go to the grocery store, and the bill ends up being a little bit more money than you thought it would be?


Do you avoid going out with friends because you’re afraid of spending money? When buying gifts, do you look for the cheapest items because spending money on gifts makes you feel uneasy?


Are you always on the hunt for the freebies and bargains? Do you search for help in your business or personal development, but you want to pay little to no money to get that help?

Your Personal Life

Do you hang onto old items such as old worn-out clothes that don't feel good on you anymore because you don’t think you have enough money to go shopping?

Your home

In your home, do you have clutter, old worn-out furniture you hate, items that make you feel like a deprived, underachiever because you’re afraid to spend any kind money on beautifying your home? My dear, you have a possessive relationship with your money. You are so terrified to spend money and share with others because you’re afraid it will never return to you and leave you broke, miserable, and suffering.

The Money Possessive Relationship

Have you ever experienced being in, or witnessed anyone in a possessive relationship? If you have, then think about how unhappy you were. At first, you may have been happy to have the attention until it got to be too controlling, so you stopped caring about the relationship and left. Since you're in a relationship with money, that's how money is also.

You Ultimately Get What You Want

The possessive person ultimately gets what he wishes for because he's so afraid of losing you, that he unknowingly creates a powerful energy that attracts every scenario to make his fear of abandonment a reality. Since money is energy, this influences your flow of money just as much.

You’re Left Feeling Like A Victim

When money leaves, many people will blame outside sources instead of taking a look at the root cause and taking responsibility for why their “unhappy money” left them.

You Are In A Relationship With Money

Some relationships have so many insecurities from the past that they search carefully for reasons not to trust their relationship. If they can't find anything, then they create what they're trying to find.

You are in a relationship with your money too, and if you hang onto fear, scarcity, and distrust towards your money, then you will search for the evidence that proves your beliefs are right, even if you create that evidence yourself.

Do You Want Your Money Happy?

We are in a flow of either Happy Money or Unhappy Money. Depending on which flow you choose. It is not how much money you have that makes your money happy or unhappy; it is the energy with which your money is given and received that determines your flow. If you choose to make your money happy, then not only will it stick around longer, but it will bring more friends with it.

How Can You Make Money Happy?

• Learn to trust money again: So you’ve been burned in the past— who hasn’t? When you invest your money on things that will make you happy and bring joy to others, you're showing your money that you trust it can have fun and come back to you. Make small investments, such as buying someone coffee, or purchase supplements that are going to give you more focus and energy to make more money.

• Say thank you: Every time you are given money and especially every time you spend money, even for bills or an IRS payment.

• Heal any pain connected to money: Your money and your life is a reflection of your belief about money. When you heal your pain related to money, your financial situation will change dramatically.

• Talk to your Money: Regularly ask your money, "what do you want from me?" "How can I make you happy?"

• Take your money on weekly dates: Take your money out of your wallet make it look nice. Pick a day each week to look at your bank account, statements, and credit balance, and give gratitude to the resources that are in your life.

Imagine how valued you feel when someone shows you appreciation and love. It makes you want to stick around and do more for that person, right? It's the same with your money; you can have a loving and supportive relationship with it as long as you do the work to make your money happy!

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