What Your Style Really Communicates to the Universe


Article by Eyenie Schultz

What Your Style Really Communicates to the Universe

What Your Style Really Communicates to the Universe

Personal style may seem like all fluff and fun, but I’ve learned over the years from working with dozens of clients that it’s actually more of an inside job, as they say.

When women come to me for help expressing their avant-garde and unconventional style, we eventually end up seeing that how they’ve been dressing is not the actual problem.

What they wear and how they show up is a symptom of other deep-rooted issues that are preventing them from showing up like a mofo in their lives and businesses, and manifesting what they desire.

In a way, what they’re choosing to wear on the outside is a direct reflection of how they see themselves on the inside, and communicating that to the Universe! Result: it’s keeping them from being their most kick-ass Quantum Selves!  It’s still effing blows my mind to see the correlation!

So, if you really truly want to feel AMAZING in what you wear, and raise your vibe + your visibility, check out my 7 Pillars for Being ICONIC To The Core:

1 || Release The Past + Choose How You Feel.
Yes, this has to do with your clothes! Check it: holding onto pieces that are no longer in alignment keeps us stuck in the past, and soaked in emotions that no longer serve us. This can make it a real pain in the tuckus to gracefully step into who we are becoming. Ain't nobody got time for that! This pillar asks that you get rid of everything in your closet (and your life!) that is no longer a match. Boom!

2 || Know You Are Enough.
Being ICONIC doesn't have to look a certain way. It’s about you simply allowing  yourself to be who you are, like what you like and feel how you want to feel. And isn't it way more WOW to feel like the badass Visionary you are?! So, whether your burning desire is to finally dye your hair in rainbow colors, up the sexy ante, or add some extra dashes of chic to your style, it is time.

3 || Know Who You Are And You Own It.
How well do you know yourself? How honest are you being with yourself about who you are, and what you really truly deeply want? Deep down, you know what you like and what resonates. You know who you are and what sets you apart.

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You may not want to look it straight in the peepers. Some of it may be scary, unconventional or intimidating, but it's part of who you are. What would it take for you to just unleash it, once and for all?

4 || Dress For The Life You Desire.
The way you dress is part of BEING that woman you see in your visualizations and on your vision board. The one you day-dream about who can sometimes feel almost frick frackin' impossible.

If we keep Iconic Visionary Dream You abstract, then she'll always seem far away, and unattainable. But she's not far away! All we have to do is begin to bridge the gap. The way you choose to self-adorn is a kick-ass, immediate and easy way to get closer to that YOU.

5 || Break The Rules.
Do you find yourself compromising, bending, censoring, dimming, altering who you are in order to be liked, not make waves and gain approval? Dude, here's the thing that I still remind myself and my clients about: You will never be everybody's cup of tea. Ever. So, you might as well embrace that shit and go full-throttle, pedal to the metal in your self-expression, amIright?!

6 || Know You’re An Artist & Express Yourself Freely.
This isn't about giggling over clothes (although, that is pretty effing fun) or following the latest trends (unless that really mega floats your boat). It's about BEING your mission, your purpose, your path. It's about EMBODYING your VISION, aka, your art, and allowing the way you move through your world and how you express yourself visually go help your momentum.

7 || Stay Connected & Open To Receiving.  
Do you ever find yourself...

  • Rejecting compliments or responding with another compliment
  • Dismissing accolades, praise or kudos
  • Feeling awkward when someone pays for dinner or coffee
  • Feeling guilty when you get gifts
  • Having a hard time hiring outside support for your business
  • Buying yourself clothes and accessories that are on sale instead of things you love?
  • Resisting being celebrated or congratulated
  • Rejecting help or telling yourself you can do it all alone
  • Talking yourself out of wanting more
  • Refusing "too much" attention or being in the spotlight (however it looks for you)

Would Oprah, Gwen Stefani or Gala Darling do this? Then why should you, ICON?! Which of these are you ready to start working on today, in the name of Style?!

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