Why You Should Dress For Style, Not For Size


Article by Eyenie Schultz

Why You Should Dress For Style, Not For Size

Why You Should Dress For Style, Not For Size

Have you ever been at a beautiful boutique and loved the shit out of a dress and thought, “I’m not supposed to wear that with my body type” or “If I lost 10 lbs., maybe…” Or how about, “It’s beautiful, but it’s not for me…”??

And you probably ended up leaving it on the rack instead of trying it on, right?

Well, I feel you, lovely! I ’m 6’1” and usually wear between a size 10 and 12, depending on the brand and garment. Needless to say, “the rules” were tacitly passed on to me after puberty once I stopped being pre-pubescent skinny and started getting “curvy”. 

I was a total fashionista style dork at heart, but it didn’t show because I felt like I had to edit myself. Here’s why -

I learned certain patterns and materials were too busy and would not be flattering for my body type. I learned I needed to avoid some colors like the plague to not call even more attention to my already large self. I learned that certain cuts were off limits because they’d show certain parts of my body that I was supposed to be hiding/camouflaging. I learned that my job was to find clothes that would make me look as acceptable and petite and like-everybody-else as possible to try to fit in.

Uh, mission Impossible.

When it comes to fashion and how to dress, there are sooooo many effing rules, that it tends to zap the fun and playfulness out of what should be a sacred creative endeavor.

Everything changed for me when I realized style = energy; style = art! Why? Because it’s an expression of your SOUL…if you drop the rules and allow it to be.

Instead of following restrictive + outdated rules, try this:

1 :: Declare there are no rules! Experiment and play to create outfits you love instead of being bogged down by what you’ve been told you should or shouldn’t do.

2 :: If you’re drawn to something, try it on! It’s calling to you for a reason. Whether it ends up being a yes or no has nothing to do with you…it simply means it’s not a match.

3 :: Instead of approaching how you get dressed mentally/intellectually, tap into your intuition and little girl self. SO many more possibilities can come if you make dressing about feeling instead of over-thinking and rules.

4 :: Embrace, love, accept and honor the eff out of your body as it is NOW! Remember, you deserve to dress beautifully, to treat yo’self to pieces you adore, to play dress up and try on lovely garments, no matter what your shape and size. Others will be drawn to you and your confidence will be through the proverbial roof if you’re wearing something you adore; and I guarantee nobody will give a rat’s ass about the number written on the tag inside. We want to see YOU!

5 :: When coming up with new outfits, ask yourself, “what would I NEVER” wear with this” and then try it on! This questions= allows you to break away from the rules and limiting beliefs you may have around what you’re allowed to wear, and your intuition is finally allowed to speak up.

Give yourself permission to have fun and feel amazing with your style and wardrobe!

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