Stop The Madness: Why We Repeatedly Give Up And Start Over Again



Article by Jentana Lee Dabbs
Photo Credit: Nancy Schoenmakers
Magazine: Issue #28

You’ve heard the phrase “be careful what you wish for because it just may come true.”  Regardless of what you wish for, the powers that be has a way of clearing the obstacles to your path to fulfill your desire and get you ready mentally, physically and spiritually for the greatness that’s to come regardless of how gentle or how painful that path clearing can be.

Immediate gratification

There’s so much great information out there on how to manifest our desires.  However, our culture thrives on the need for immediate gratification to forever end our pains and reach higher bliss and wealth.  Books such as the Secret, have created the misconception that all you have to do is think positive thoughts, do some affirmations and visualizations and then everything that you wish for will easily and effortlessly come your way.

It doesn’t work that way!

The real secret

The universe does not provide for you until you are mentally, spiritually & physically ready to receive it.  In other words, you have to EARN IT BABY!
Think of having a home full of clutter that you’re currently attached to and you desire new furniture and hardwood floors in your home.  You can’t just add the furniture and new floors into your home until you detach and clear out the old crap that’s in there. 

The pain of letting go

One thing that keeps us in a vicious cycle of repetitive madness, is that our brains hate change, in fact, it is pure mental pain to change, so that’s why its very common to give in and give up on something too soon, because its just so dang painful.  At the same time, our souls are craving the change, there is something deep inside of us that says “oh no, get off your lazy butt and do the work”, so we start again, hit the wall of pain, resist letting go of old stuff and then keep praying for change and fruition of new desires, while questioning why we still can’t reach our desired goals.

The storms of change

Ok, so you’re still praying, you’re still trying, giving up, trying, giving up and trying again and you’re still hoping, affirming or whatever it is that you’re doing to create the change and desire that you want.   So now the Universe says, “you’re asking for change?”  “You want to reach this goal?”  “You’re not making it easy for us to help you, so now we need to shake things up a bit, so you’ll have to let go of the old and get yourself ready for what’s to come.”   And now the earthquake and storms appear in your life in the form of.

•    Hardships
•    Financial Loss
•    Repetitive obstacles
•    Job loss
•    Property loss
•    Loss of friends
•    Put downs and negativity from those close to you
•    Health issues
•    Loneliness

Paying attention to your obstacles and storms

When these obstacles and storms hit, it is very, very, important to stop, breath and pay attention to 

•    The time line of when this is happening:  Have you been wishing, wanting and desiring something over and over again that you know should be in your possession?

•    Is there something that you have been working on clearing in your life or a change of belief that you keep giving up on and falling back into old habits and beliefs, but you’re still wishing for change?

•    Have you been resistant or lazy about doing the work to change something about yourself that you know should be worked on?

•    Have you been even more persistent lately to make your burning desire happen and been asking to be shown the way to quickly achieve your desire?

Once you recognize the timeline that is associated with your desire for change or to reach a goal, then calmly take a look at what each of these obstacles and storms are trying to do.  They are either trying to

•    Clear the emotional clutter from your path
•    Clear physical clutter from your path
•    Force you into taking some kind of serious action
•    Mirror some negative habits, thoughts and actions that you are doing that are keeping you stuck that you have not noticed within yourself.

Remember, that you asked for all of this to happen and because most of us are not evolved nor aware enough to quickly recognize and clear out our old clutter on our own and keep lazar focused on our desired goals, the powers that be will step in some how, some way and it’s not always pretty, however once you have an understanding of what is happening around you, you can begin to make this work for you, rather than against you.   Here’s a suggestion, to make things a little easier on you.  

Join a support group, have a mastermind friend, coach or mentor to talk to during these times so that you they can be your reminder of what is happening and then help you in clearing your path to bigger and better things!

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