3 Steps to Building a Business Online... Create, Collaborate & Thrive


Article by Denita Austin
Photo Credit: Laura Jade Stone
Magazine: Issue #38

I know what you’re thinking right now. I don’t prefer to collaborate on projects in business simply because it never works out or, I just prefer to work alone. News flash! Was Apple managed by Steve jobs only? Was he the only employee at Apple? It takes a team to build an empire and that traditional way of thinking will create a road block in the middle of your plans real fast. If you have horror stories with collaborating, it’s only because you chose the wrong person or people to collaborate with. Have you ever selected a restaurant to try out and walk away disappointed? Did you try another restaurant or did you call it a quits and decided never to visit any other restaurants ever in life? 

We are students first in this world of learning and exploring. We are constantly learning about what we stand for in our businesses and in life period. I promote and encourage ladies to collaborate. It’s a beautiful opportunity to create magic. Here’s a perfect example: If I am great at graphic design and you are great at sales and we both are in the same industry, why not work together? No one wants to admit it but I believe a few egos are getting in the way of creating this magic? What are your thoughts? 


Let’s just name a few benefits of collaborating shall we?

Personal and Business Development – Not only will you grow as a person but you will learn additional tools and techniques for your business. Two heads are always better than one

Sales and Marketing - Not only are you cheering for a common goal, theme and project, but both of you are working together as a team. Less stress right?

Relationships – Not only are you building your communication skills in business but you are building a strong foundation for future business partnerships

Ideas and Creation – I’m not sure about you but as a creative spirit, my brain is all over the place so it’s great to have someone who speaks the same language (creativity) Do you know how much you can create with two or more people?


Don’t allow past experiences to get in the way of your success. Build your business and new chapter of your life one step at a time. Create, Collaborate and celebrate your business in true bliss. I’ll be here to cheer you on. Woo Hoo! You Rock! 

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