​Luisa Vasconcelos


 Luisa Vasconcelos is 34 and lives in Lisbon. She started her professional career in the corporate world in Marketing and Training. This allowed her to contact people from all around the world and to see the good results she had when motivating them. With sharp intuition she began to rethink her mission in life and ended up quitting her job. She loves to help and being a coach allows her to do what she most cherishes the all day.

At Power2Blossom Luisa uses her personal experiences and coaching techniques to help women get to know theirs strengths, their beauty and start living with a shine in their eyes. Power2Blossom also incorporates special experiences, beauty treatments, before and after photo shoots, luxury retreats: pampering the soul of all women. The feeling is so comfortable that they work not to go back to an unhappy life. It’s a project born from her heart.

To learn more please visit www.power2blossom.com/


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