Jessica Cornejo Gallegos

Jessica Cornejo Gallegos is a spiritual guide and a shamanic healer in the tradition of her ancestors, the Incas. She is the founder and spiritual guide of Alturas Shining Light Spiritual Journeys, where, through her divinely inspired holistic healing services (at the spiritual, energetic and psychological levels), she guides and mentors women all over the world to step into the light of their lives.
Jessica leads group Divine Light Transmissions and sacred journeys to the land of the Incas, Cusco-Peru, for women and soulmates all around the world: Journey to your Heart & Soulmates Journey to the Heart. Many years ago, Jessica experienced a deep depression and life crisis that led her to a spiritual awakening and rebirth.Through synchronistic events, she was guided by Spirit to transform her own life. She experienced profound leaps in her personal development and spiritual growth by participating in the Inca’s ancestral ceremonies during pilgrimages.

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