Chelsie Skowyra


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Chelsie Skowyra, MA, MFT is reiki master, self care expert, and hosts spiritual retreats around the world. After spending years as a therapist, Chelsie had a spiritual awakening and recognized her gifts were bigger than the role she was in. She is intuitive and intelligent, bringing both her education and experience to the work she does with others. Chelsie works from a foundation of sacred psychology. In a reiki session with her, you will energetically release and restructure the narratives your chakras are holding onto. The results of these sessions are transformational. In addition to being an entrepreneur through her business, Chakra Chelsie, she is a proud doTERRA wellness advocate and teaches individuals how to use essential oils to support their emotional healing. Chelsie’s favorite forms of self care include meditation, curating Spotify playlists, and writing in her journal.


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