What is Hygge? 3 Ways to Embrace the Cozy Danish Lifestyle


Article by Chelsie Skowyra

What is Hygge? 3 Ways to Embrace the Cozy Danish Lifestyle

What is Hygge? 3 Ways to Embrace the Cozy Danish Lifestyle

Hygge is a danish lifestyle concept that is all about embracing comfort and leaning into the warmth of your spirit; a coziness of the soul. Practicing this, especially in the fall and winter, can have tremendous impacts on your well-being. I’ve personally experienced a shift in how I relate to the seasons of my life. Winter used to be characterized by dread, depression, and emptiness. Through embracing Hygge, I now look forward to the comfort, introspective energy this time of year brings.

So, how can you practice Hygge?

1 :: Create the Atmosphere

Keep the lighting low and minimal. Light candles and turn on your himalayan salt lamps in lieu of having all the lights on. If you have a record player, now is the time to choose the vinyl you’ll have playing softly in the background. My personal favorites for Hygge time include The Lumineers, Florence and The Machine, and Bon Iver. If you’re using your phone for music, have the playlist up (search Hygge Vibes on Spotify) and the do not disturb setting on. This is a time to disconnect to reconnect, so electronics should be off.

2 :: Comfort in The Details

Hygge is all about being comfortable, so do whatever you need to make that happen. Wear your favorite leggings and oversized sweatshirt. Have your favorite comfort meal ready to go, whether that means putting something in the slow cooker or ordering take out. Consider all of your senses as you are in your practice. Essential oils such as doTERRA’s OnGuard, douglas fir, and wild orange create a soothing scent that promotes comfort and coziness.

3 :: Listen to Your Soul

What does your soul need most? That’s what you lean into during your Hygge time! Hygge can be practiced alone or with others. Invite some friends and family over, make your favorite hot drinks, and enjoy simple conversation. Remember, no television, video games, etc. If alone time is what your soul is calling for, take the time you need for yourself. Writing in your journal or reading a book are perfect ways to slow down and relax.

As you can see, Hygge is a  personalizable, lovely practice to experience. Setting the intention to slow down, be mindful, and lean into what makes the season you’re in special. If it is winter, light a fire or wrap the softest blanket. If it is summer, open the window or enjoy the practice in your backyard. When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or out of alignment, reconnect and get back into the flow of the season through your Hygge practice.

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