Elise Rorick


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Elise helps creatives realize their dreams by creating enchanting imagery that connects the heart of their story to their audience.

Elise is an Enchantment Photographer. Capturing wonder and creating enchantment is her specialty. She is a self proclaimed nerd and is fascinated by stories, the sea, the stars, underwater photography, and exploring questions like "why are we here?" "what is the human condition?" and "why are we all still SO universally drawn to fairytales?" 

She is a book cover designer, artist, and product and brand photographer, living and working in Indiana (and visiting as much of the rest of the world as she can). The name for Lusicovi Creative comes from Elise’s Armenian heritage. “Lus” means “light” and “Covi” means “sea.” 

She believes in the magic of people following their passion, and she is a professional at capturing imagery for anyone pursuing their wild and crazy dreams.


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