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Genicca Whitney is a Miracle Manifestor + Mental Wealth Expert for service-driven spirit junkies. She is the Founder of Genicca Whitney & Co., a company on a mission to support ambitious women GET IN THE MONEY-MAKING, SOUL-SHAKING, IMPACT CREATING-ZONE, with crystals in one-hand + a glass of rosé in the other. She knows for sure that you can totally have it all, supporting thousands of awakened women + mothers around the world feel worthy of creating massive impact online, while having fun, loving sales + making money. 

Her podcast, Genicca Whitney Radio, is your space for soul-shaking conversations with today’s modern day spiritual influencers, highlighting the badass journey conquered to manifest a fab + fortune-fuelled life. Genicca shares her weekly soul-vibe tips, her latest spiritual obsessions, and priceless mental + manifestation hacks so that you too can feel alive + aligned AF.

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