Gina Clapprood


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An Intuitive Lifestyle Coach for more than 25 years, Gina provides support and insight to help you achieve your goals, make real changes, and be your ultimate self. Always a thoughtful listener, Gina was recognized as highly intuitive from an early age and over the years has learned to channel this skill to give back to others. Experienced in working with all ages, stages of life and levels of success, she helps people through the challenges of life in concrete ways.

Feeling unsure or unsteady about some parts of your life? Gina’s uses a unique and contemporary combination of intuition and concrete coaching to connect you to your purpose and a vision for life that will excite and inspire you! Gina is a twice certified Life Coach and is certified in Holistic Nutrition and Crystal Healing. She holds a BA in Psychology and has extensive leadership and management experience.

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