How to Deal with Conflict and Hold Onto Your Sanity


Article by Gina Clapprood

How to Deal with Conflict and Hold Onto Your Sanity

How to Deal with Conflict and Hold Onto Your Sanity

Have you always been a believer of setting an intention for your day to keep you focused and grounded on the positive, as well as recording what you are grateful for each evening? That mindset is what I focus on each day, and I still do. What you may find is throughout your day, occurrences, conversations, and interactions may occur to ruin the positive vibe that you’ve got going on. We need a way to stop those interruptions dead in their tracks.

Although this philosophy I’m about to share, may seem to put a little bit of a different spin on that practice, it is necessary to incorporate if you want to learn to deal with conflict and hold onto your sanity and namaste vibe.

This will seem to go against the normal positivity you intend to summon into each day, however you may find that it is necessary when faced with difficult conversations, situations and people, as well as your own thoughts and opinions when the mind wanders to the less positive.

Try practicing as part of your morning ritual to have the mindset of “Not Today”. What do I mean? Let me break it down for you.

When you wake up each morning say to yourself, “Not Today”. This is the answer that could pertain to the following:

  • Will I let someone to treat me rudely?

  • Will I allow for my viewpoint to remain silent?

  • Will I accept the status quo?

  • Will I take a back seat and watch things unfold that I don’t agree with?

  • Will I allow for anyone else to treat me less than I deserve to be treated?

  • Will I let someone walk all over me?

  • Will I over-compromise my own beliefs?

  • Will I allow myself to judge my self-worth against others?

  • Will I accept something that I feel I need more information on?

  • Will I be a witness to something that makes me feel uncomfortable?

  • Will I over-commit myself?

  • Will I feel bad about not reaching a certain goal I have set for myself?

NOPE…NOT Today. Tomorrow? Sure, maybe you’ll let them push you around tomorrow. But you set the hard limit that you are definitely not going to allow for that today. 

I promise you, it will be like there is this little voice inside your head reminding you of the things you don’t want to observe, tolerate, fall victim to or put up with. When that little voice goes off, you will have this burst of additional strength to speak up for yourself and/or take the action that makes the most sense -in that very moment. No more coming home each day and dwelling on the “I could have said this” “I should have done this” “I would have reacted like this”.

Instead you will have let it go. You will feel more empowered and ready to face not only potential conflict that may arise, but yourself. Over time, you will feel more equipped to hold yourself accountable to the goals that you set such as working out, drinking more water, or something as simply not allowing a day to go by without telling someone that you care about and love them. In turn, if you find yourself hinting toward an excuse to not do something you have set out to do, simply tell yourself, “Not Today” and make sure you tackle it head on and smash it!

Give it a try. The result: You will be happier. You will be able to accomplish more goals. You won’t find yourself dwelling on the would-haves, could-haves or should-haves. Instead you will look back on the “I dids” instead and feeling more confident tackling whatever else may come your way.  Those around you may learn that you are not going to put up with their shenanigans without out least saying something about it. 

At least not today.

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