Lisbeth Yekaroma Card

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 Yekaroma Card, was born in Hermosillo, Mexico. She attended CESUES University where she earned a B.A. Business Management with Emphasis in Tourism. In April 2009, Yekaroma relocated in the City of San Francisco. Coming from a small town she fell in love with the people, and the diversity of cultures San Francisco had to offer. In September 2010, she started working for Laly Designs CEO, Laura Moreno, as her personal assistant. Soon after joining Laly Designs, Yekaroma took over all Laly Designs fashion events and production. Her activities ranged from scouting and booking new talent, coordinating and styling models, hair and makeup, photographers, fashion shows, editorial and product photo shoots and setting locations for Laly Designs events. Yekaroma is currently a freelance stylist and fashion event producer. She spends her time off writing on her blog, taking ballet classes and studying Fashion Merchandising at City College of San Francisco.