Ellie Isacs

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Ellie Isacs

A Rebel in Style and a Girl with her own Trend, Ellie is the founder of VIDESIGN and the brain behind the coaching system "Let's Get SELF-ish". She dares people to ignite their inner "rebel-flame" and design a life on their own terms.

Her mission – “re-birthing people's SELF and ending the epidemic of "I am not good enough", brings the rebels of tomorrow, over-achievers who have had enough of sh*t and are done with living in a cage, straight to her. Together they embark on a journey of self-discovery, awareness, inner transformation and profound change.

Ellie lived through the deepest pain of heartbreak, emptiness, darkness and devastation but she broke out before anything could break her completely. She is a loving mom and a dance junkie on high heels. For a quick look of her style and voice, be sure to get your (free) copy of "Get Yourself Back on Track - 4 Steps to Getting Un-Stuck


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