Top 5 Surprising Benefits of Having Low Self-Esteem


Article by Jentana Lee Dabbs
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #26

Benefits of Having Low Self-Esteem

Benefits of Having Low Self-Esteem

Believe it or not, having low self-esteem/self-worth is actually beneficial for some people and can make people more powerful. Self-esteem reflects a person's overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or her own worth. It is a judgment of oneself as well as an attitude toward the self.  Many people, especially women, are a bit challenged with issues in the self-esteem/self-worth department and they choose not to do anything about it, since they don’t recognize the impact that it has on their lives, however, here are 5 surprising benefits of having low self-esteem/self-worth.

Top 5 benefits:

1.    Weak men, can get a wonderful woman who will spend every waking moment trying to please him, regardless of his appearance, income level, physical or emotional abuse, or any other type of demeaning thing he will do to her, because a woman with low self-esteem/worth is on a mission to prove that she is good enough for him and she is blind in seeing that what he is doing is wrong.  

2.    Cheap, low level employers can hire talented people for very low wages, minimal benefits and sometimes even hostel work environments, because they know that for every confident person that stands up and say’s a firm “no,” there are about 10 people with low self-esteem/worth eagerly waiting to say “yes,” because they feel they “can’t” get anything better and their “lucky” for even getting this job. 

3.    People who are looking for someone to work for them for free while they profit from that persons free labor, can easily attract someone with low self-esteem with the “promise” that the free work will lead to exposure, credibility, more work in the future with good pay or possible full time paid placement in their organization, which sadly, rarely happens. 


4.    People who are looking to hire you as a coach, freelancer or whatever your independent business is, can get you for dirt cheap, regardless of all of the years and money you’ve spent on educating yourself, nor how good you are, because people with low self-esteem are afraid of losing the sale and/or being “disapproved” of if they ask for more money.  They have no idea how much they are really worth, because they lack personal self-worth.

5.    You’re making plenty of room for other peoples dreams to happen, because many people with low self-esteem, rarely make their dream a reality, they hold back with the belief of, “nobody wants what I have,”  “I’m not good enough to be paid for my services,” and they give up too soon, before they can even get a glimpse of their possibilities and how powerful they really are.

The truth is, if you have low self-esteem/self-worth, it actually benefits OTHER people who will take advantage of your weakness and NOT benefit you at all.   It also gives those people who take advantage of you more power, because you are giving them YOUR POWER.  Having low self-esteem/self-worth, not only hurts you, but hurts others and future generations, by keeping a cycle going of low wages, negative work environments, men degrading and disrespecting women, clients who expect cheap prices, people who expect quality for nothing and so on, because low self-esteem/self-worth people let them get away with it!

If you feel you have self-esteem/self-worth issues, then do yourself and others a favor; ignite your inner fire and personal worth, by getting the help that you need to do it because change is not easy alone, through workshops, hypnosis, coaching, books, invest in yourself, because once you raise your self-worth, your net-worth will increase along with it and you will not only be happier, but you will create a happier and prosperous future for everyone.


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