7 Ancient Hermetic Principles for Business Success


Article by Marlyne Pierce

7 Ancient Hermetic Principles for Business Success

7 Ancient Hermetic Principles for Business Success

In today’s accelerated culture to-do lists, getting more done, pursuing bigger ROIs, and achieving peak performance are the themes of the day. 

It seems frivolous to dedicated time to thinking about what we really want to change or how we can really realign with more joy, love, and fulfillment on a daily basis. It’s not always easy to step back and take a look at what is really working. However, that is exactly what is needed when you feel like you are pushing against a wall, feeling unsure of what you actually want or find yourself in a constant state of frustration despite your achievements.

When I see clients facing this modern day problem usually it’s not about them doing more, but about them doing things differently or incorporating things they have never done or thought of before. These are incredibly smart people, but because so many of us have been programmed to always be in action and doing mode, we spend less time generating ideas and co-creating, and we tend to overlook the deeper aspects of the work we are doing. It is typical to get trapped in a cycle that leads to more work and efforting and less of the results we truly seek.

The Hermetic Laws are ancient spiritual laws and the root of the law of attraction. I was drawn to these principles as I realized that they represent a timeless way to think about and develop the adaptive nature that is required to embody being a modern leader in our accelerated world.

Here are 7 ways based on hermetic laws to think differently than you do now so you can become a better leader and reach your true success potential.

Hermetic Principle #1 : The Universe is mental so cultivate your mind – Innovative leaders recognize that having all the answers is not necessary and better than that is asking the right questions, making the right decisions and staying the course when you know you are on the right path. This takes persistence and resilience that starts in the mind. What you think affects how you feel, your energy level towards a project and ultimately how creative and innovative you will be with developing new ideas tackling complex challenges.

Hermetic Principle #2 : Everything is vibrating so align your actions with your intention – If you are not fully aligned with the way you show up, the things you focus on and the energy you are putting towards accomplishing your goal, it is impossible to attain sustainable success. With any client I work with the first few questions will revolve around, what are you creating? Why does anyone care (especially you)? and what are you currently doing to get there? These questions usually reveal a lot about their values and where we will need to focus or implement changes. How would you answer these questions?

Hermetic Principle #3 : Everything is connected allow the good to flow – Yes, you have to do the work. You have to get off your yoga mat and meditation pillow, see with new eyes what is possible and get to work. You need to embrace the process of working towards mastery and coming to your full potential, not just dreaming. As there is a time for everything in the universe, there is a time to think and ponder and a time to take action. Then the hardest part is letting go of the work and allow the flow of magic to happen, to allow unseen forces come in without your need to control. One way to do this is to allow yourself time for play and dance into the flow. 

Hermetic Principle #4 : Everything has a higher and lower form, choose the Higher ground – With everything in life; there is a high aspect and a low aspect. When you fire someone who is disrupting your team or not pulling their weight, you can approach it from the higher ground (or point of view) of releasing them to find something that will help them contribute somewhere else and at the same time making space for growth on your team, or you can think of it as a negative confrontational event where you are taking power from someone. It comes down to your overall intention and then your overall perception of the event or person. Choose the higher form.

Hermetic Principle #5 : Everything Flows be adaptive and allow things to evolve – Your desires change, your customers change the market and technology changes. As a leader and mogul in the making, your role is to keep your hands and heart on the pulse of what is happening so you can make the shifts and changes that are needed to sustain growth and reach your goals. You have most likely heard the saying that water is the most powerful of all forces because of its lack of resistance, embracing changes in the ebbs and flows is key to lasting success.

Hermetic Principle #6 :  Every cause produces an effect it will come but it's not your responsibility - As I said above you need to take action after you get inspired. When taking right action let go of the need to see results right away. Be sure that your action is tied to your expected outcome and will get you in that direction. You can know this by following your intuition, learning from those ahead of you, working with a mentor/coach to keep you on track. Once these are in place, focus on the work and get going. This will be you doing your work and then go back to number five, allow for flow and magic.

Hermetic Principle #7 : The creation process is simple, make things that matter - to me manifestation means to create in a masterful way. There are a few definitions, but the main idea is to make something real so you can see it, feeling or share it. This requires engaging with and from the heart. The heart is what makes things matter and meaningful. Look into your life and work and identify how you can bring in more meaning, joy, and fulfillment. As Steve Jobs said only the crazy ones who believe they can change the world actually do. Brain and heart must come together to make things that become matter and have meaning.

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