A Business Culture of Your Dreams

Business Culture of Your Dreams

Business Culture of Your Dreams


Article by Denita Austin
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #31

Instead of looking for what you want, create it. I am a strong believer of creating your own rules, ideas and concepts. Why not? Creativity is everything! Some of us have spent years trying to find the perfect group, tribe, or culture that resonate with our souls. The perfect group that understands our rhythm and flow or should I say, speaks our language. Instead of chasing, or sitting back wanting and dreaming, create a culture of your own for your brand and business. A culture that will empower people to have more freedom within themselves.

Creating solutions instead of problems. 

As an entrepreneur, there is nothing sweeter than having the freedom to create. When building your empire, it’s not about micromanaging. It’s simply about encouraging and building a team who will be more involved in the brand itself by having the ability to create speak and create freely. The more freedom individuals have to take on tasks and create their own solutions, the more they feel connecting to a culture that they can believe in. 
Creating a culture that will include a communication style based on mutual respect. With a well-designed structure, we all can create magic within our assignments and contribution to the overall vision. 

My passion with any project would be increasing team ownership and empowerment. I thrive off teams who are free to apply judgment to situations that fall outside your traditional rule of thumb. Although I promote creativity and freedom, this also requires balance. We do not want to leave the team unclear about taking ownership.

Five Steps to Creating your dream business Culture 

1 :: Be a Leader   
Lead by example of course. The more you speak on your vision, you will become closer to your reality.

2 :: Become your vision
Everyone is looking to you for guidance so with that being said stand in your truth and become your vision.

4 :: Learn Balance
If you want your business to thrive, you must find balance in order to succeed. Example: Inquire about how much fun your team has while working with you. A rating system would be ideal!  When you’re able to track this information, you can talk about what to do to improve going forward.  Note: This is great for clients as well. 

5 :: Token of Appreciation
A common problem in every business is showing appreciation. Verbal or Tangible! In some cases, the issue is just an absence of acknowledgement. Take the time to acknowledge those who support you and dedicate their time to the vision. 

Remember, it’s about how well our words match our deeds. Thanks for taking the time to connect with me.

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