Mindful Design: Healing Spaces For A Nourished Life

Healing Spaces For A Nourished Life

Healing Spaces For A Nourished Life


Article by Jennifer Nesbit Holt
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #31

I spent years working with individuals of all walks of life in an intimate, healing capacity as a sound healer. I won’t say I was going through the motions but I will say the work was consistent and basic, yet, extremely profound.

From the very beginning stages of owning my businesses, I was adamant about my client’s experience unfolding before they entered the door of our beautiful bungalow. Maybe it’s my type A personality or possibly a deeper “knowing”, but to me, impression is everything and so was establishing a cultured community.

I always felt I was a bit of a loan ranger in my days of one-on-one healing because I considered everything from colors, temperature, mood and visual appeal rather than just the healing modality itself. The experience started with a keenly thought out website to special touches outside my studio space to the visceral experience one felt as they walked through the door. THEN a warmer, deeper healing could begin.

For risk of rocking the boat, these “collective” qualities are not easily found in holistic healing spaces or many business for that matter. Most business owners don't have the insatiable craving for good design, a background in fine arts and an established field of sound healing that bridges a gab between math, science and energy.

Truly, it was only when I surrendered to every aspect of myself that was I able to really see what experience people needed. From there, it took little to no time to discover I was on the right track. Why? Because EVERYONE who walked through the door of my studio told me they felt a shift and experienced such beauty on the inside and outside.

I obsessively HAD to make any and all connections of the pulse of life to ensure a powerful result in healing. I knew that the psychological detail to design was a first step in forming a solid relationship with my clients and the last step was creating the profound internal changes they were seeking plus a lasting memory.

Clients must trust you in order for your work together to be effective.

As a designer of of healing sound, spaces and life, emphasis on the “whole” person is crucial if you are looking to make a difference in your client’s lives. As a designer, I want to encourage you to go deeper and think past the visual aesthetics of creating a space and look to the senses through which we experience life.

Help your clients really investigate what makes them unique. What do they really want? Need? Even if you have clients who are hell bent on a particular design esthetic, they are still looking for a feeling. A connection. And it is your job to see that it happens. How can you make the psychology of interior design safely plunge to the soul level?

I’ve learned that through quietly creating a beautiful path into my healing space of business, I’ve created an “unexplained” draw for people to want to work with me. You, too, can do this and it’s starts by looking into your own soul. Who do you want to attract into your life? How do you want to feel?

If you are wavering in uncertainty your design message will be lost and you will attract confused (difficult) individuals into your realm. Without tapping into profound experiences and energetic shifts that have made lasting impressions in your own life, you will not be able to do this for others.

The time is now for your to unleash your unique business design voice so you can help your clients immerse in purpose and community to make their own authentic impact in the world.

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