April Tarot Reading and The Pink Full Moon


Reading by Angel Quintana

April Tarot Reading and the Pink Full Moon

April Tarot Reading and the Pink Full Moon

As we move into the sun in Aries, new projects and creative ideas are bursting at the seams. Spring is in full effect, and as business owners we are fully supported to blow up our dreams and launch them into reality!

My reading for this month is dedicated to those new projects you are creating (and co-creating) and the self-discovery process we learned last month from Pisces. Are you ready take the emotional rollercoaster ride from Pisces and get passionate about your new projects with Aries!? I sure hope so!


As I shuffled the deck, I thought intensely about the future of your business, what’s been preventing you from moving forward, what strengths you currently have accessible to you, and the game plan to place it into action.

As we started the new year, we were still flying high from our travel and adventures with friends and family, which may have distracted us from connecting our inner and outer worlds. This may have caused some internal turmoil in January and through March.

When we disconnect, we lose our balance and that’s when fear rears it’s little head. So if you felt 2017 was off to a slow start, this is most likely the cause.

Temperance corresponds with the astrological sign of Sagittarius. As you can see from this card, the woman is looking to the future with curiously and literally has magic in her fingertips!

However, in the weakness placement of our spread, this is showing us that we weren’t fully connect to our divine powers, which left of feeling worried about our next moves, uncertainty at it's finest.

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With two cups, one on each side of her, she seeks balance within her conscious and subconscious state, her masculine and feminine, and her true self and the shadow self.

It’s important to note that your business is seeking balance and when fear sets in, all that means is something is out of balance. 

Looking inside for the answer is one place to start; however if you spent the majority of the first quarter of 2017 looking inside (Pisces has a tendency to do that!) it may mean that it’s time to look towards the more tangible, material (or masculine) forces that may have been diluted in the earlier part of the year.

You may also seek answers by calling upon Archangel Gabriel if you are still finding yourself out of balance. He will guide you towards balance and success.

Crystals imply material success, growth, stability, and education.

If you’ve been thinking about enrolling in a new course to extended your knowledge to help you expand your business or take your next project to the next level, this couldn’t be a better time to do it!

As I mentioned, Aries sun is all about new projects, getting “fired up” to launch a new idea or bring awareness to a new talent in your business that you may have been keeping to yourself.

Now is the time to start planting the seeds and watching the fruits of your labor grow and expand, for Eight of Crystals is all about grounding those ideas despite all the fire Aries brings to the table.

When Aries and Earth come together, they are a magical duet. Use them both to your advantage!

Eight of Crystals shows a woman with open palms juggling 8 orbs. She is looking towards nature to ground her ideas and manifest them into reality. She takes small steps towards her goal, yet never stops to smell the roses. We must remain grounded as we move towards launching new projects and the pink moon in front of her represents luck and good fortune! Awesome!

With the pink full moon happened on April 11th, 2017, your material success and good fortune and are about to transpire!

The pink moon has been called, “Lady Luck” and Eight of Crystals is staring luck straight on.

If you’ve ever worried that the Universe didn’t have your back, now is the time quiet the conscious mind and start speaking positively about what it is you desire, because it’s about to happen if you just believe!

Stand before your goals this month and let the material success and security be the proof of magic that is all around you and supporting your greatest aspirations, literally at your fingertips!

It’s time to speak your truth. It’s time to get our there and make rational decisions and lead with your inner wisdom. The King of Swords is ambitious, logical, and authoritative in his convictions. It’s time to be heard! It's time to be strong and powerful!

You already have what it takes to be successful and now it’s time to honor that truth. Do not worry yourself about what others think or their opinion. That will do nothing but prolong the success of your new project.

King of Swords represents your strength to stand on two feet and embody your higher self.

This card shows a man holding a sword in the ground with the reflection of his higher self and shadow self behind him helping him to lead the way. You need not worry that your shadow self is there along side you, for it’s the shadow self that will keep you balance so long as your higher self is always leading the way.

If things get cloudy or the path appears to be rocky, King of Swords uses his inner wisdom and guiding lights he’s accumulated through life experience and education to propel him forward. There is no need to look backwards at this time, but instead start talking about your new project and talk about it with conviction!

Use your voice and strength and take stand. Share with the world this project you are creating and talk about it with passion! The Aries fire is there to burn down the haters so your path does not get crowded by negative forces. 

The only negative force that is preventing you from seeing this project to it’s fruition is your ego. Keep your ego in check by maintaining the balance of your internal system. Take time each day to reflect and never forget to celebrate your milestones. Take nothing for granted during this time. You are fully supported!

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