2 Superpowers Every Practitioner Needs to Possess to Be an Exceptional Healer


Article by John Scardina

How to Be an Amazing Healer

How to Be an Amazing Healer

Some of the fascination of the Holistic arts come from a deep-seated feeling and the need of touch. We are surrounded by pharmaceutical commercialism everyday bombarding us with a plethora of information and events that are designed to make money and keep us sick.

We as entrepreneur’s in the Holistic realm should be happy that this commercialism exists. These events cause people to arm themselves with education, education in alternatives. 

In the world today those who are informed are the chosen, and the chosen do not seek magic bullets to mask problems of disease and other ailments. The chosen are looking for touch and proven centuries old modalities that provide comfort, clarity and we are here to help them with the many modalities in our arsenals.

As a Reiki Master and a Pagan (not a Warlock yeah, I know I was disappointed too, but that’s for another story) who while following this path has learned many things about the types of clients we seek to be successful. It’s a blend of those who search for peace, love, answers and a partner in a healing event.

What we provide as practitioners and business owners, especially in Energy Work or as a Light Worker is empathy and touch.
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No matter what we say in daily efforts, we all like to be understood completely and touched compassionately and these are two things we provide as practitioners. This does not happen because of the need to be successful and make money, this occurs because of our energy and how the universe created us. 

We have been who we are from birth, we have just tuned in and accepted the power we possess at some point during our journey. We do possess the knowledge and the ability of touch.

How often have you looked upon a memory of a massage, a Reiki session, reflexology, or even chiropractic treatment and said “Oh yes, that felt great!”

This is simply because we need to be touched!

I know we all have our moments and the need of personal space, but it is a primal need in all of us to want this in a healing personal way. It offers us a connection to all energies and arts that promote wellness and healing. 

So being who we are as business owners in this field we need to know about what touch can do for our clients. So, go out there and touch someone, even if it is only just to hold their hand in a loving way! Your touch can be physical, emotional, or spiritual, but know your touch will make a difference in someone’s life!

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