Is Your Daily Beauty Regimen Hazardous to Your Health?

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Beauty Regimen Hazardous to Your Health?

Beauty Regimen Hazardous to Your Health?

Article by Heather Jadus
Photo Credit: Fabiola Zamora
Magazine: Issue #24

How many products do you put on your skin or hair in a day? Take a minute and count them.....

1. Toothpaste
2. Shampoo
3. Conditioner
4. Hair Product(s)
5. Hair Spray
6. Perfume
7. Face Wash
8. Body Wash
9. Soap
10. Deodorant
11. Toner
12. Moisturizer
13. Eye Cream
14. Wrinkle Cream
15. Foundation
16. Bronzer
17. Blush
18. Eye Shadow
19. Eye Liner
20. Eye Brow Pencil
21. Mascara
22. Body Lotion
23. Hair Color
24. Lip Stick
25. Lip Gloss
26. Hand Soap
27. Dish Soap
28. Others ?????

This list could be endless depending on the individual lifestyle you live.

But think about this:  Even if you only use 10 of these items listed but you use them once or twice a day, every day, week after week, month after month, decade after decade... don't you want to be sure that the ingredients in your products are safe for your body?

There could be only a minuscule amount of "toxins" in each of the 10 products you use but let's crunch T H E S E numbers:

  • 12 = the average number of products a woman puts on her skin every day.
  • 10,000 = the number of common ingredients used in those personal products.
  • 10 = the % of those 10,000 ingredients that have been tested for safety.
  • 1500 = the number of chemicals banned in the EU.
  • 11 = the number of chemicals banned in the US.
  • 1938 = the last year a federal law was passed in the US regulating cosmetics ingredients.

D O   Y O U   T H I N K   I T S   T I M E   T O   T A K E   N O T I C E  ?

So, why is this a problem? What are the possible hazards?

Problem # 1 - Carcinogens.  Known and suspected carcinogens are allowed in our personal products with no questions asked and no testing done. Carcinogenic chemicals can cause or promote cancer.  Cancer is caused by the changes in DNA.  Some of these changes can be caused by genetics and the rest are caused by environmental chemicals in our air, personal products and cleaning products.  Some of this we can control.  Some of this we can't.  This is why EVERY CHOICE COUNTS for those things you can control.


Problem # 2 - Hormone Disruptors.  (Otherwise known as endocrine disruptors) are chemicals that interfere with the endocrine system.  The endocrine system is a very complicated system that regulates our mood, growth, sexual function, reproductive system and metabolism.  Slight changes to the endocrine system can have serious results.  Some chemicals can mimics and fool the body into response.  Other chemicals can act as blockers and cause the over production or underproduction of hormones.  Any of these changes can have big effects on our reproductive, developmental, neurological or immune systems.  Hormone disruptors are even more dangerous than carcinogens because even a small does can cause the body to react naturally.

Problem # 3 - Allergens. Obviously allergens vary from person to person.  But the fact that there are so many untested chemicals and "hidden" chemicals in most products, there can be some unknown ingredients that may cause asthma, allergies, and skin conditions like excema and psoriasis. I say "hidden" for a reason.  We will talk about that more next time.

I hope to awaken your concern and entice you to get the knowledge you need to protect yourself and your family! I would love some feedback. Please let me know if you have questions or comments

Be Informed. Be Safe. Be Healthy.

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How do you know if your beauty products are safe?  

There are absolutely no safety regulations on cosmetic ingredients.  Even companies who use words like "organic", "natural" and "pure" have no one but themselves checking to see if those claims are true.

If you are a clean eater and you are slathering toxic chemicals all over your body and hair, then you are doing it wrong. 

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