Health Drink No-Nos for Women Entrepreneurs


Article by Angela Anderson
Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia
Magazine: Issue #24

Holistic Fashionista

Holistic Fashionista

Is your smoothie raising your body fat?

Holistic business women are so busy creating the coolest stuff on the planet, who has time to stop and eat?! I bet you’ve been drinking health drinks for years because they are da bomba, quick, and healthy at the same time. Why let hours of food preparation get in the way of your creativity? I have a little secret for you though – your health drink could be raising your body fat and slowing down your metabolism.

Many holistic women believe that juicing, green smoothies, and protein shakes are where it’s at in terms of gaining great energy and optimal health. I certainly have had a long love affair with juicing and green smoothies!

You might add crazy yummy organic fruit and milk substitutes like rice dream to your smoothies. With your juicing you could be making something scrumptious with apples, carrots, ginger, beets and lemons.

While all of those options are much better than reaching for the donuts, I still beg to differ. The reason is simple: too many carbohydrates = too much sugar (even if it’s natural) in your body = slowing down your metabolism = full fat cells = thunder thighs & muffin tops.

How do you get out of this predicament?

  • Purchase a complete amino acid profile protein powder that is either plant based or whey isolate
  • Add superfoods
  • Use low or no carb milk substitutes
  • Avoid the fruit and higher glycemic veggies
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