Metamorphosis: Emerge From the Cocoon of Conformism


Article by Darlene Dunn
Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia
Magazine: Issue #24

Emerge From the Cocoon of Conformism

Emerge From the Cocoon of Conformism

As a child you are full of life, you see endless possibilities and you are not afraid to be different. As you grow, society begins to expect you to act a certain way, believe a certain way and little by little, what makes you ‘you’ begins to disappear. Soon you find yourself like everybody else- trudging along, staying in line, living an unfulfilled life. The time is now to break out of that cocoon and embrace your uniqueness.  

Here are four ways to help you to break out of that cocoon:

1| Think for yourself – you have a brain- engage it.  Get in touch with your creative side.  
2| Don’t follow the herd - look at what others are doing and then consider a different route.  That is where the opportunities abound!
3| Believe in the endless possibilities again – Dream and believe!  
4| Embrace your uniqueness - the world needs what only YOU can offer!

NOW is the time to break out of the cocoon and become the YOU that you were meant to be- full of life and color and endless possibilities. Don’t worry - you won’t be alone there are those that have already emerged and those in process that can encourage and help you on your journey. Break free now!

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