Unleash Your Creativity with Aromatherapy

Unleash Your Creativity with Aromatherapy

Unleash Your Creativity with Aromatherapy


Article by Darlene Dunn
Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia
Magazine: Issue #25

Are you stuck in rut? Are you unable to find a solution to a problem? You can get the push you need to spark your brain in the right direction. Here are three scents that can help you unleash your creativity:

Cinnamon :: Ever notice how mulling cider can stimulate your brain in the fall? Why wait for the fall to use cinnamon. Put cinnamon sticks around your work area, brew some tea with a cinnamon stick or diffuse some cinnamon oil.

Citrus :: Like orange or grapefruit- Citrus is energizing and increases alertness. Place a drop or two of the oil in your shower and breath it in during your morning shower, you will be ready to tackle the day! Cut up some fresh citrus and breathe in the aroma and then eat it! Again, you can diffuse it as well.

Rosemary :: This is one of my favorites, I grow fresh rosemary and will cut a sprig and pin it to my lapel and breathe it in throughout the day. It enhances my productivity and my mental alertness. You can also diffuse this oil but I much prefer the fresh cut rosemary- it is super easy to grow!

Take a deep breath and inhale these wonderful scents and unleash your creativity!!

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