Holiday Ensemble: Eat. Drink. and Be Fancy

Eat. Drink. and Be Fancy

Fashion Editor: Angel Quintana


You've got places to go and people to see this holiday season, and it's time to kick your wardrobe and accessories into high gear. Forget the trends and let's start focusing how we can make this the best mistletoe season of the year. Firstly, (don't lie), you've already been slinging a few bevy's back...well why not pour your toast into a fabulous vintage champagne coup and get a little schnazzy with your drinking efforts? Marble ice pail or gold bottle opener anyone? We already know you're an over-achiever at everything you do! (Wink)

So let's talk about a few simple staples that must live in your wardrobe to keep the energy high and without fuss on those evenings you're running late. Investing in a cool 'pop culture' print sweater dress paired a sexy pair of over-the-knee suede stiletto boots area throw-it-on-and-go outfit and whether you're a faux or fur kinda gal (we won't judge you), a cream fuzzy jacket is perfect for those leather leggings you've been dying to sport! Throw on your au naturel lipstick in your tiny shoulder back that screams "I'm badass" and you're off to that next festivity. Don't forget to have fun and please don't drink and drive! xx

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