Success Strategies: Maintaining Your Holistic Business

Maintaining Your Holistic Business

Maintaining Your Holistic Business


Article by Jennah Ferrer-Foronda
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #20

The #1 success factor of a holistic business is an integrated CEO: mind, body, energy/spirit.

It’s easy to lose sight when you’re creating/launching a juicy new product, Mercury is in retrograde and technology passes you a major fail. Or, you’re hit with the über demon: the random troll, or worse, a judging hater. 

What do you do? Love yourself fierce and be prepared for any season with your latest accessory: femmePOWERment Shades. 

As much as you wouldn’t dare buy a pair of specs online without trying on in person, as some stylistas prefer clear, others’ mirrored, some ombré. Your business has its own prescription. Here’s maintenance tips: 

1| Reframe your vision board

Think minimal. Think simple. Think movement (mermaid swimming) / colors (oxblood lipstick),  sound / soundtrack, one word calls to action that you embody from your gut: Royalty, Gypset, Rock Star.  Create a folder on your computer with images or start a Pinterest board – done. 

2| In Plain Sight

If your spirit is feeling passion for your project, but your mind is feeling panic, unfocused – you are moving forward, but your head is disconnected from your heart. Your gut (point of power) will be running on empty. Your clients will feel that. Go back to #1. Your vision and re-aligning with all that makes you/your business feel alive. 


3| Creation in Manifestation

Your vision is only a vision unless you add motion: blog posts, branding, creating products / services… FEEL what is the energy that you want your visitor to experience when she watches your video tips? ‘Meets you’ for the first time in an online webinar that you are hosting? Again, action is power and you are a risk-taker and dream-shaker! When your business is all female empowerment on top but you’re wearing the wrong itchy Spanx and complaining and procrastinating underneath, remember your femmePOWERment Shades to recalibrate. Add luxe lipstick. Clear vision makes such a statement. 

4| Hindsight

Yoga/meditation is just not for everyone. Gratitude, however, is a huge return on investment. It takes 1-3 minutes for this daily practice: at the end of the day, ask yourself, “what were 3 things you truly saw and are thankful for in you / your day? Write or type those down in a gratitude journal/virtual notes. When you’re feeling less than zero, cozy up to a virtual fire and spicy hot chocolate with this. It will be your go-to lens of Happiness, Inspiration and Biz Expansion. Promise.

Nerd chic, aviator biker chick free-spirited, large tortoise shell jackie-o sunnies, dark cateyes, — what are your go-to lenses of vision and energetic protection for business? 

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