How To Feel Energized Using Crystals


How To Feel Energized Using Crystals

How To Feel Energized Using Crystals

Article by Stacy Stehle
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

One of the simplest and easy ways to feel energized is to work with crystals.

Crystals carry unique and high energy vibrations. Just being in their presence allows them to raise your energy to meet theirs. It is that simple.

Here are three specific ways you can use crystals to feel energized:

Make Carnelian Crystal Water

Carnelian is a wonderful crystal to aid the physical body, bring back vitality, energy and creativity. Make sure your carnelian is cleansed. Place your crystal in your water cup and fill it with water. Drink up! Your water is infused with the energy of the carnelian. If you feel called to do this, you can also place your crystal in the water and leave it in the sun or moon light to charge your water. Then you can drink it throughout the day.

Balance Your Chakras with Crystals

Your chakras are the energy centers that run within your body along and up your spine. These energy centers represent your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of yourself. When they are balanced and working together you are energized and vibrating at your highest because you are in perfect balance within you body.

Simply choose a stone for each chakra color that resonates with you, here is an example:

Root Chakra - Red – Garnet
Sacral Chakra - Orange – Carnelian
Solar Plexus - Yellow - Citrine
Heart Chakra - Green or Pink - Rose Quartz
Throat Chakra – Blue – Blue Lace Agate
Third Eye – Ingigo- Amythest
Crown Chakra – White – Selenite

Then all you need to do is place the crystals on each corresponding chakra and relax. You can also visualize each crystal cleansing and clearing your chakras and bringing them to a balanced state.

Create an Energizing Remedy Bag

Choose crystals that are calling to you, maybe 3-5 crystals. Your subconscious knows what you need at a deeper level to help you feel energized. Cleanse them and program them with your intention to feel more energized. Pick a small bag or pouch and then place your crystals within there. Carry them with you where ever you go!

These are powerful ways that you can use crystals to help you feel more energized. The more that you work with crystals, the more you will see a energetic shift within your energy, body and life!

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Stacy Stehle

Stacy Stehle is a Luminous Crystal Healer & Founder of the Luminous Connection. Our unique & unconventional program, Luminous Energy, uses the power of crystals, your intuition & spiritual energy tools to transform your energy so you feel vibrant, radiant & magnetic, everyday! Learn more at The Luminous Connection.

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