How to Obtain the 'Right' Resources for Your Business


Article by Darlene Dunn
Photo Credit: Jana Cruder
Magazine: Issue #23

How to Obtain the 'Right' Resources

How to Obtain the 'Right' Resources

There is a skill that is often overlooked but that has served me well in both my professional life and in my entrepreneurial life. What is that skill you may ask? It is the skill of knowing how to find an answer and the ability to discern its validity. In most industries, and the holistic industry is no exception, the amount of information that someone needs to know in order to be effective is insane. 

Early on I learned to gather ‘resources’ that I trusted- whether they were books, websites, phone numbers, people. To this day I have an extensive network that I can tap into in order to obtain whatever answer is needed. This ability to ‘obtain’ an answer has helped me establish a reputation as ‘the person to go to for answers’.  

Why is mastery of this skill vital for any entrepreneur?  Mastery of this skill allows the entrepreneur to ‘be the expert’.  Clients look to you for help in solving their problem or meeting their need.  You have the base knowledge but realistically, can you know everything there is to know about your area of expertise?  The answer is no; however, you CAN know how to obtain all the answers so your client believes that you are amazing!

So, where and how do you gain this skill? 

  • First, network- network-network!!  Build a network of individuals that can be a resource for you and you for them.  You can cross-refer clients and so much more. 

  • Second, look at websites/books and validate the information - in other words, look up things you already know and see how they address things, once you have validated a site/book/author, you are more confident when you need to use it for ‘true’ research. 

  • Third, develop your critical thinking skills - this will help you to discern whether the information you have located is really what you need.

Start building your ‘answer’ portfolio today!!

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