Elevate Your Workspace With Flowers

Elevate Your Workspace

Elevate Your Workspace


Article by Jennifer Nesbit Holt
Photo Credit: Angel Quintana
Magazine: Issue #23

As the blanket of winter fades, hope rings forth when the first blooms of spring emerge.  For me, there is a symbolism of warmth, beauty, and possibility born out of the colors and hues of nature. Plants and flowers evoke memories, moods or feelings. These botanical beauties are born of their own sacred region, ancestral family and species.  We are attracted to their fragile, uncompromising nature and unique vibrational healing properties.

Flowers have wisdom :: the power to change your vibration at a petals glance. Flowers have a language :: a story to tell through color and aroma.

You are interconnected with a mystical pulse of life.  By incorporating flowers or the essence of plants and flowers into your workspace you tap into a higher frequency leading to a prosperous flow of abundance.

"How can incorporating flowers into my workspace make me abundant?" When you offer flowers to the alter of your workspace you are offering a higher gift-- enhanced clarity + brilliance.

1| Elevate Your Business with Color Therapy

Color enriches your life. By creating a pleasant view you are immediately enhancing productivity and memory with natural color therapy.  Flowers are a quick way to inject mood into the space.  Next time you want to close that big deal, ask yourself what colors invigorate you, get you excited and think about treating yourself to a bouquet.

2| Elevate Your Business with Aromatic Wisdom

Feeling unmotivated or sleepy?  Tense or anxious?  Do you lack creativity?  Plants, specifically aromatic plants and their essences, have been used for thousands of years and are still considered an important source of medicine.  A quick and easy way to elevate the energy of your work environment is by diffusing or wearing essential oils.

3| Elevate Your Business with Healthy Symbolism

Flowers also offer immediate relief from stressful situations.  Behavioral studies have proven that flowers provide a simple way to improve emotional health – the presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner far beyond what is normally believed.  Trust your intuition and treat yourself to a new workspace filled with positive associations and rich symbolism.

Fill your workspace with color therapy + aromatherapy to find expansiveness, innovation, and ideas to grow and prosper.

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