31 Rose Water Benefits for the Busy Entrepreneur


Article by Heather Jadus
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31 Rose Water Benefits

31 Rose Water Benefits

Roses have been used in beauty routines for centuries—historians believe that they were an essential part of people’s skincare regimens in ancient civilizations like Babylonia. Even Cleopatra credited her soft skin to the roses she sprinkled in her milk baths.

And today, we use the flower’s oil as the main ingredient in rosewater, a unique tonic that’s great for reducing redness, calming blotchiness and hydrating your skin in the way an other water sprays or makeup primers cannot.
Rose Water is a byproduct of distilling roses for their oil that’s used in perfume. Roses are collected before the sunrise and essentially steamed until they’re condensed down into a beautiful, flowery mush. The water is then filtered and separated from the oil  It’s a time-consuming process that leaves you with pure, natural, incredibly gentle rosewater that’s great for dry or irritated skin and has toning and pH-balancing properties to help regulate oily or problematic skin as well.

Sounds like a miracle product doesn't it?  I think it is and I NEVER go one day without it.

31 Benefits of Rose Water:

1. Reduces Eye Puffiness
2. Hydrates Skin
3. Protects from Bacterial Infections
4. Skin Toner
5. Removes Dirt
6. Removes Makeup
7. Heals Sunburn
8. Heals Small Wounds
9. Lightens Small Scars
10. Reduces Thread Veins
11. Helps Broken Capillaries
12. Maintains PH Balance
13. Revives Makeup
14. Doesn't Smudge Makeup
15. Makes Skin Feel Firmer
16. Lessens Breakouts
17. Stimulates Circulation
18. Calms Acne
19. Calms Eczema
20. Improves Blood Circulation to the Hair Follicles
21. Promotes Hair Growth
22. Conditions Hair
23. Controls Dandruff
24. Boosts Scalp Health
25. Decreases Hair Breakage
26. Soothes Tired Eyes
27. Soothes Inflamed Gums
28. Strengthens Teeth
29. Promotes God Breath
30. Stress Reliever
31. Helps Relieve Depression


Only T R U E  R O S E  W A T E R will give you these benefits.  There are many imposters out there claiming to be selling you true Rose water. So how do you SHOP for it confidently? Here's a few tips:

  • ALWAYS read the ingredient lists of your Rose water Products.  You would think the lists would be quite simple but you would be surprised what preservatives and perfumes companies are adding to what should be a very natural product. Thus actually taking the real benefits of the product away.
  • NEVER buy Rose Water that has an ingredient named "fragrance" or "parfum".  The scent of Rose Water should come from the actual Rose Water.  Synthetic ingredients to create the smell should not be necessary.
  • Taste the Rose Water.  Seriously.  I'm not kidding.  Spray it in your mouth.  It's not really going to taste great but it will help you out with some bad breath too.  However, if the Rose Water tastes bitter or yucky or synthetic.... then there is some stuff in there that you do NOT want on your skin  Don't buy it!

Do you use Rose Water?  If so, what brand?  Let me know and I will rate it’s for safety for you. Click HERE to see my go to brand!

Be Informed. Be Safe. Be Healthy.

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How do you know if your beauty products are safe?  

There are absolutely no safety regulations on cosmetic ingredients.  Even companies who use words like "organic", "natural" and "pure" have no one but themselves checking to see if those claims are true.

If you are a clean eater and you are slathering toxic chemicals all over your body and hair, then you are doing it wrong. 

Find out how to get safer choices into your makeup bag! Shoot me a PM on Facebook and mention Holistic Fashionista to recieve 30% OFF!

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