How to Recognize Your Shadow Self in Your Business


Article by Nandi Hetenyi  

How to Recognize Your Shadow Self in Your Business

How to Recognize Your Shadow Self in Your Business

Women are bombarded with so many messages every day about who to be, how to look and what their lives should look like.  In the face of this culture, unbeknownst to most of us, the parts of us that we don't like, that don't match up, that feel unlovable, that aren't "ideal" or "put together" go into hiding, in the shadows.

So many women wear masks and become silouettes of themselves, trying to leave behind what is unacceptable or thought unworthy of love.  

The problem is all that shadowy stuff doesn't go anywhere. When you leave some parts of you behind, you are not living fully.  You are not bringing all of you. It all stays there, outside of conscious awareness and runs little sabotaging schemes to get attention. This includes your business. The good news is that there is wisdom in your shadow. When a woman learns the wisdom language of her shadow, she connects to her vital feminine essence and thrives.

How to recognize your shadow in your business?

  • Where are the places you repeatedly get stuck?
  • What are the ways you get the most frustrated with your work?
  • Are there times your inner critic gets really loud when you are working?

Getting down with your shadow doesn't have to be super dark. These are just the places that need a little extra light shined on them to help you heal whatever is there and get you unstuck.

Recognize that the places you get stuck, frustrated and criticize yourself are the places to bring loving attention. Your inner critic is actually trying to love you by protecting you from getting too far out of the comfort zone.

So, next time you start to feel stuck and notice it is a pattern that has repeated over and over again in your business, get frustrated or hard on yourself - take note of it. Breathe. Ask your inner critic what she is trying to protect you from? Discover what it is you are scared of underneath the stuckness and frustration.  

When you understand what the fear is underneath that may be driving you in your business more than you realize, you can then address these places within you and transform your shadow into energy to move you forward and bring yourself more fully whole and you to your work and clients you serve.

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