How to Reconnect With Your Authentic Self


Article by Antiqua Lisha Libbey  

How to Reconnect to Your Authentic Self

How to Reconnect to Your Authentic Self

Are you holding yourself back from being extraordinary? Many women hold themselves back and keep themselves stuck in ordinary. The best kept secret to breaking this ordinary habit is to take time being alone. 

Are you thinking – “That’s impossible between work, kids, dinner, appointments and spending what little time I have left with friends. I have no more time.”

I get it, it’s easy to fill up all your time with your ‘to do’ list and we are all trained to spend our time off, socializing. Yet, this busy life is wearing you out and more than anything it leaves you confused about who you are at your core and your dreams unfulfilled. Filing up all your time, keeps you in-the-pack rather than standing out of it, in your extraordinary uniqueness. 

First let me share with you what taking time for yourself is not – it is not going out with your friends, going to the gym, getting a massage or watching a movie.  All those fabulous pampering, loving “to do’s” are wonderful but they will not help you jump out of the “should” box and into your own extraordinary life.  

Here are 5 ways to spend time with your unique self:  

1| Take 5 minutes (yup that’s all it takes) a day to sit quietly and dream big. 

2| Take off your shoes and take a walk outside in nature, this does worlds of good for your whole body and set your mind free to dream, big dreams. 

3| Make a list of what YOU value/like most in life – hint – makes sure they are your values and not what you think “you should” value because your husband, friends, business associates etc… think you should. 

4| Set up a sacred spot in your home. Take 5 minutes each morning and/or evening to sit and relax.  You can put inspiring pictures, your dream board, spiritual inspirations there and then take time to just sit quietly and allow your mind and heart to wonder. 

5| Ask yourself: “What are my limiting beliefs about my life?” Then own them and boot them out the door – again invite yourself to dream an even larger dream. 

When you know yourself so well that your favorite person to spend time with is yourself, you naturally shine and share your unique self with everyone you choose too. This confidence and poise is contagious and soon enough everyone will want to know your secret.  It’s my intention that with this article you ROCK out your extraordinary traits and touch the star’s with your dreams.

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