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{Don't Be Fooled by the Gimmicks}

Article by Angela Anderson
Photo Credit: Jana Cruder
Magazine: Issue #23

Bull$hit Fat Loss Traps

Bull$hit Fat Loss Traps

Pretend health foods, Oh-La-La Amazonian juice, & Muscles!

You've seen it, heard it, read it, and bought it. "On this diet, you can have gluten-free pizza, waffles, noodles, brownies, and cupcakes!" Just control your portions, right?  Here's a reality check: these foods are not geared towards helping you achieve long term fat loss.  Most diets are aimed at women who just want to drop some pounds and who are not weight training. What happens? You lose the weight, but it comes back with a vengeance thanks to also losing metabolically active weight called "muscle." Oh, and you never really learn how to eat 100% whole foods because you've been tricked into believing that "pretend" health foods can help your fat loss.

Is Amazonian oh la-la exotic berry juice is the secret to igniting your fat loss?  How many times have we all bought into taking the rainbow pill because there are deficiencies in our diet? Let's get real here - there actually is no obscure ingredient missing in your diet that is going to make all the difference in your fat loss world. Have you considered that boozy weekends, glorified coffees, "pretend" healthy snacks (nut butters, so called Kind bars, dried fruits, and gluten-free baked goods) are keeping you from your fat loss goals?

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Oh snap! We know deep down what our vices are, but without your coach saying "don't eat that" we keep the junk and just practice portion control. For some reason, petite-sized servings of crappy food (skinny popcorn) make us think we'll achieve a petite-sized body.

Always Eating "Clean" and Always 5 lbs. Overweight?

Women prioritizing their weight don't realize that they'd become more efficient at burning fat and permanent fat loss if they had more muscle. You can get to a destination with your fat loss where you no longer have to diet.  It's all about making your body efficient at burning fat. If you must use a diet, it will only take a small and temporary tweak to get back on track.

Don't wind up skinny fat. Build more muscle and eat as though you are putting more muscle on your body. This doesn't mean drinking more green smoothies and going vegan. It means fueling up for workouts in order to work harder, pump nutrients into muscle cells, and feel your muscles working. Drop the wrist and ankle weights and retire those 5 lb. pink dumbbells. Challenge yourself. 

Tick Tock. Are you tired of not having that body with the gorgeous muscle definition you want no matter how much you exercise and "eat clean"?  Discover how to master your metabolism by training your fat cells with Trim the Fat™. 

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