3 Steps to Maintaining to Your Inner and Outer Presence


Article by Marinna Rose     Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari     Magazine: Issue #32

Maintaining Your Inner and Outer Presence

Maintaining Your Inner and Outer Presence

My life changed in an instant when my English teacher in my Senior year of High School pulled me aside when I was in a tough place.

I was partying hard and showing up for school for the first time not caring about my appearance-at all. 

What she said was quick and to the point-

“If you don’t show others that you care about yourself by taking some time on your hair, clothes etc… then how do you expect others to respect and care about you? Your appearance is the first thing that anyone gets to judge you on.”

Wow, I was taken back. Was I looking that bad that she needed to pull me aside? Yikes, this woke me up.

Prior to this I received best-dressed awards every year, but I fell off the cliff and was going fast! The very next day I showed up back as my old self in one of my fun unique outfits. This day I had to deliver a report in front of class and I’ll never forget how great I felt up there. 

Thanks to my caring teacher I learned how we can be “Empowered by Presence”.  The world responds to us by how we care for ourselves, it knows when we are not being true to ourselves and when we are. Caring for yourself is not only caring for your physical body on the inside, it is caring for it on the outside.

I mean the kind of caring for yourself that when you walk in the room you become the room, you elegantly command it with your presence. Let me point out that this does not just happen with your clothes, it begins with your inner confidence. 

Empowerment Tip 1 :: Inner Confidence

Your outer presence shines when you are able to tap into your inner confidence. No matter what you try to put on to shine on the outside, it will never make the shift and command presence until you can shine your inner confidence.

Yes, your outer presence is empowered by your inner glow. I do believe that some of us need baby steps to get there, like I did. For me it began with caring about my outside first, which allowed me to see overtime that I was worthy and just as valuable as everyone else in the room. 

So begin where you are and feel most comfortable, because where you are is perfectly where you need be and begin.

Empowerment Tip 2 :: Never Choose Someone Else’s Presence!

This tip is not just about your clothing, this goes far beyond that into your business. Anytime someone takes anthers presence for themselves or their business it never works. It also shows everyone that you don’t know who you are or what the roots of your business are.

Others are repelled when they see this, they immediately get this feeling of a fake, or copycat. The truth is that they have not been able to discover who they are so they borrow it. Trust me borrowing does not command presence.

Discover yourself, then discover your unique offering to the world. Until then you will be living someone else’s life.

Empowerment Tip 3 :: Do What You LOVE!

Yes, when you are doing what you love it shows to everyone around you. This in itself is an organic beautiful presence in it’s purest form, like an essential oil derived from rose petals.
Are you doing what you love? If not, isn’t it time that you started? I mean we only have this present moment, so what is the point of not doing what you love if this is true?

Doing what you love and being happy is the sexiest swagger of empowered presence that I have ever seen in a woman. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion, I wanted to be a fashion designer! I believe your outer presence is vitally important; it becomes an extension of your inner being and beauty. Allow your Empowered Presence to shine through living the best life you know how to live in this moment!

Come on ladies; show me your sexiest swagger!!

P.S. 20 Years later I sent my teacher a letter thanking her for changing my life. I think of her comments any time I am getting ready for something special. It’s partly because of those few words of caring that I have received the incredible opportunities that I have had. Thank you Mrs. Bartlett!

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