How to Fully Engage with Your Clients for Optimal Healing


Article by: John Scardina     Photo: Joicy Muniz

How to Hear Your Client Without Talking

How to Hear Your Client Without Talking

As a Lightworker I sometimes forget one commonality that we all possess, general communication. I’m not known for being the greatest in general conversation, I have not been accused of this often.

I know what I want to say and what I need to project, but it does not always come out crystal clear. I’m too busy getting ahead of reading and scanning the client.

Many of us have this affliction and it is our personal journey to figure out why. Over the years I’ve become more aware of this challenge and have come to the conclusion that for at least myself I look at all client interaction via energy first. I go deep, I utilize my craft, my gift.

Honing in on energy levels first and going from there has been the norm for quite some time. Those of us who spend so much time in this realm know all too well of what I speak of here. Prior to any physical communication with a client, you have already scanned, prepared, and know this client.

You at so many levels know who and where this client is right at the moment and the interaction begins as normal, at least for some client’s. Some first time client’s are not aware of what you know about them, without general communication and they need to express their needs first and openly through conversation. 

Go ahead and ask yourself right now, do you hear a client’s voice or are you actually hearing their inner voice or energy at the point of a first interaction? Those who have not been tuned into energy work, will always listen to client’s voice first and then speak or react accordingly. Those who have experience in energy work will switch back and forth from reading to listening.

The question is how deep can you go? This switch has the standard ON/OFF positions, but can sometimes be stuck in the ON position.

The energy can be so overwhelming that you know something much deeper is going on with whomever you may be speaking to. When this switch in stuck ON, you do not always hear the person and you put yourself two to three sentences, sometimes even further ahead of a conversation.

You already know what to do, but you are not actually listening and this quickly causes a breakdown of communication with the client.
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You can be so comfortable in your craft that you actually lose a client’s interest. I know this sounds a bit odd, but as a light worker you can put yourself “Light years” (if you will) ahead of natural communication causing more damage to your business. Causing damage to your business for being awesome at what you do? Sounds crazy, right!

Take control of your energy switch, know when to turn it ON and when to turn it OFF. Remind yourself at every client meeting, “How deep can you go?” Take charge of your communication skills, get engaged in general conversation and understand what the client is sharing with you and exactly what their needs are first. Let the client spill it all out, listen, take notes if needed.

When this physical communication has reached a satisfactory level for both of you, then and only then turn that switch on full throttle and get going forward with what you do best, listening to the inner voice only after listening to their physical voice. This alone will make you awesome at what you offer your clients at more than one level!

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