March 2017 Tarot Card Reading


Reading by Angel Quintana

March 2017 Tarot Card Reading

March 2017 Tarot Card Reading

With the sun moving in Pisces and our emotions running high, our spiritual self is evolving and shedding layers from our old self. This is a highly intuitive time for entrepreneurs in their business, as many old limiting beliefs and thought patterns are transcending from dimension the next. However, we must stay focused and aligned in our business during this ascension process for material gain and wisdom to enter our stratosphere.

This month’s tarot card reading, I asked the cards,

“For the highest good of all involved, what does the Holistic Fashionista tribe need to focus on in the month of March to grow her business, attract her kismet clients®, and earn more revenue!"

So let’s break it down.

The first card I pulled was The Hierophant, which is simply incredible! The Hierophant is letting us know that now is not the time to be innovative, but instead look towards strengthening your roots and traditions in order to grow your business. This means, it’s not a time to idea generate, but rather solidify your present projects and start letting them grow roots! 

This might also include starting a daily ritual, performing monthly moon ceremonies, or joining an establishment that will support your spiritual growth. This could be joining The Club, becoming part of a spiritual social gathering, church, etc…

It’s important to choose this establishment wisely, as the community for which you belong to acts as a mirror of what’s to come.

In addition, The Hierophant represents the balance between the subconscious and conscious mind.

This means, you will bring your mind power into perfect harmony, where your limiting beliefs no longer affect your creep up into your decision-making in the present moment.

This is key! If your subconscious mind has been running the show, (you will know this if you find yourself feel fearful a lot or a sense of resistance shows up when you’re being called to fill bigger shoes.) let's make sure it's healthy and full of positivity!

Once you train your subconscious mind to effectively communicate what it is you really want with your conscious mind (which is responsible for your awareness to your present moment), you truly have a winning formula for achieving everything your heart desires-- including financial wealth.

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This is why finding a spiritual network of like-minded individuals who will support you in you goals is key! It’s time to find your Hierophant community and let The Universe take care of the details.

As if the month of March couldn’t get any better! With The Hierophant challenging us entrepreneurs to find a spiritual practice and community, while setting roots to our existing projects, we have the Two of Cups helping us to attract our Kismet Clients®!

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Kismet Client®, then listen up! You are here as a Lightworker on this planet to well, spread the light. And your idea customer is someone who is not far behind you. In fact, she is YOU three years ago!

The Two of Cups is all about partnership!

If you’re currently thinking of your customers as a way to make ends meet, then it’s time to change all that this month. Your Kismet Clients® are not simply those with whom you sell your products to, they are the people who will help to continue your legacy far after you’re gone.

This means, the Two of Cups wants you to start teaming up with your entrepreneurial counterparts (or even existing customers!) in order to feed a larger audience and ultimately, to attract more of your Kismet Clients®!

Is there someone in your existing network whom you’ve built trust and find each others’ business practices cohesive? When two forces join together, they have the capacity to reach an even larger audience and as the age old saying goes, two heads are better than one!

Take this opportunity this month to look at whom you’re surrounding yourself with and decide which of these connections is aligned with your core values, share the same Kismet Clientele® and matches your mission! If nobody matches, try joining The Club!

However, take your time to find the right collaboration.

The Two of Cups encourages union, but it’s still very early in it’s progressing stages with this card.

While March may be the time to begin identifying the collaboration, it’s not necessarily the month for which to launch a new piece of work. It could also simply mean, that you two come to this union to love and support each other “in collaboration” without joining forces or becoming joint venture partners.

Collaborations can mean many things to many people, so be sure to discuss in depth what it is you both hope to get from this union. Use good communication skills and always come from a place of love.

And finally, how divine is it to have the earthly King of Pentacles card as we discuss earning more revenue in your business this month!

The King of Pentacles represents ambition, material wealth, security, discipline, and abundance! This means, everything you touch can turn to gold if you find your spiritual community (The Hierophant) and begin collaborating (Two of Cups). It is imperative that you find your support system!

You have already proven yourself. The most important aspect of your business to focus on in the month of March is to plan.

The King of Pentacles is a planner. He is dramatic. He is practical and he always has a well-thought out solution that leads him to his goal.

So it’s time to ask yourself, “Do I have a plan?” Having a plan doesn’t have to long or tedious. In fact, it could just be one paragraph of what you’d like to accomplish and when you’d like to have it accomplished by and read it aloud every morning and night. Are you doing this?

If you have not yet reaped the financial rewards for the fruits of your labors, it’s time to get more specific with your plan of attack. This doesn’t have to be all the “new things” you will or need to implement in your business, but rather fine tune what you are currently already doing in your business and what you’ve already tried and tested (and it worked!).

You simply just need to refine and stay committed!

It truly is as simple as that. Many holistic business owners start a project and never stay with it long enough to reap it’s financial rewards. But for the month of March, it is now time to re-commit to these actions and hold yourself accountable without created any new projects.

That’s the beauty of the King of Pentacles, he knows his success lies inside himself. He doesn’t rely on someone else to get the job done, that’s because he has a Master Plan of what needs to be accomplished daily to achieve his material success and who he needs by his side to make that happen!

He also represents appreciating your down time and indulging in some of the finer things in life. You didn’t get into business to work day and night, so it’s imperative you treat yourself this month to a massage, a vacation, or some other luxurious event that rewards you for your commitment and efforts! The King of Pentacles wouldn't have it any other way!

And if you’re having a hard time committing, March is your month to change that for good!



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